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Sandy Treadwell and Bill Weld: Two Liberal “Peas in a Pod” – by George J. Marlin

December 2, 2007

Treadwell for Congress, Inc. paid for the printing and mailing of a fundraising letter signed by the former governor of Massachusetts, extreme liberal Bill Weld.  In the letter, Mr. Weld gushes over Treadwell:  “In truth, I had the honor of getting to know Sandy during my campaign for Governor of New York.  He was one of my earliest and strongest supporters…. On the issues, Sandy’s a social moderate…”  (Beware: “social moderate” is a code phrase for “liberal Republican.”)

Weld’s enthusiastic support of Treadwell should not surprise Conservatives — both of them are liberal elitist trust babies.  Because they inherited wealth they believe they are entitled to hold public offices. (more…)