Sandy Treadwell and Bill Weld: Two Liberal “Peas in a Pod” – by George J. Marlin

Treadwell for Congress, Inc. paid for the printing and mailing of a fundraising letter signed by the former governor of Massachusetts, extreme liberal Bill Weld.  In the letter, Mr. Weld gushes over Treadwell:  “In truth, I had the honor of getting to know Sandy during my campaign for Governor of New York.  He was one of my earliest and strongest supporters…. On the issues, Sandy’s a social moderate…”  (Beware: “social moderate” is a code phrase for “liberal Republican.”)

Weld’s enthusiastic support of Treadwell should not surprise Conservatives — both of them are liberal elitist trust babies.  Because they inherited wealth they believe they are entitled to hold public offices.

Since Treadwell supported Weld in his unsuccessful quest for the GOP’s 2006 gubernatorial nomination and pursued Weld’s endorsement in his drive to secure the 20th C.D.’s Republican and Conservative nominations, it is fair to assume that Treadwell embraces Weld’s political ideology.

Weld, who campaigned to the left of John Kerry in their 1996 senatorial face-off, is pro-abortion, pro-gun control and pro-gay marriage.  (Weld appointed the judge who wrote the majority opinion in the Massachusetts same-sex marriage case; he praised the ruling at the time, through he has since flip-flopped.)

Weld spent most of his gubernatorial tenure issuing opportunistic “Democrat-lite” press releases, appointing scores of Democrats to government positions and presiding over the demise of the GOP’s state legislative delegations.

One Bay State liberal Republican described Weld as “neither Republican nor Democrat, nor Libertarian.  He is Weldian.”  And The New York Times reported that “under Mr. Weld and the Democratic-controlled legislature, spending skyrocketed and the tax burden remained relatively high.”

Sandy Treadwell, like Bill Weld, is a liberal.  And to stop the New York GOP’s leftward drift, Conservative Party leaders should deny Treadwell the 20th Congressional District nomination.

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One Comment on “Sandy Treadwell and Bill Weld: Two Liberal “Peas in a Pod” – by George J. Marlin”

  1. Upstate Republican Says:

    Speaking as a Republican, I am glad someone is talking openly about Sandy Treadwell’s liberal positions and dismal track record as a Party “Leader” I too am appalled by those currently attempting to install him as the GOP nominee. (Dare I say in vain?) It is especially shameful to see the party continue sinking ever downward, as by now we should have learned from our past mistakes.

    Sadly, it is Sandy Treadwell and his gaggle of blue-blooded, old-world liberal Republican cronies who were entirely responsible for the leftward drift which has rendered our party weakened and largely ineffective at the state and local level. Yes, even with a Governor as controversial and politically inept as Spitzer, we lack the self-identity, passion and organization required to capitalize on a string of significant and what should have been fatal, Democratic Party trip-ups.

    Here is the good news: The current predicament will improve. As Republicans we are naturally inclined to embrace a positive vision of the future. Here is the reality: In order to do so, we must consciously avoid the mistakes of the past and willingly renounce those guilty of usurping & perverting our sacred tenants, largely for selfish and hedonistic purposes.

    Alexander Treadwell had his chance to shape the policies of our state and our party. Clearly it is an area he is woefully inept at affecting in any positive or worthy fashion. Quite frankly, it is shocking to consider that he has even been afforded the slightest opportunity to manipulate his way back into the affairs of the Republican Party, at any level.

    This twisted notion that Sandy Treadwell should be elected to Congress as a Republican simply because he is wealthy is madness. His sense of entitlement is more aligned with those who occupy the opposite side of the isle.

    Fool us once, shame on Treadwell. Fool us twice, shame on all of us.

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