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The Jon Kaiman for Congress Watch – By George J. Marlin

January 26, 2016

On Sunday, January 24, 2016, Jon Kaiman announced he will seek the Democratic nomination for Congress in the 3rd Congressional District. In a telephone interview—likely impromptu—with Newsday, he said: “I’m all in. I’m announcing now, declaring my candidacy and in coming days, I will open a committee and separate from my state job and NIFA.”

While announcing one’s candidacy over the phone to a reporter in the aftermath of a record-breaking snowstorm is bizarre, (ordinarily, such things happen with a podium in front of you and some supporters behind you) nevertheless, Kaiman’s announcement he will resign from his state posts is a good thing for the residents of Nassau County. As NIFA chairman, Kaiman turned the position from that of a fiscal watchdog to a deficit-enabling insider lap-dog. His self-proclaimed wage deal with the public employee unions has been a disaster. It has driven the County deeper into the red to the tune of $70 million annually.

Resigning as Governor Cuomo’s Long Island Hurricane Sandy recovery czar, is also good news. Since no one knows what Kaiman was doing to earn the $153,000 the post paid annually, no one will miss him and it will save over-burdened taxpayers money.

In the coming weeks, The Jon Kaiman for Congress Watch will inform voters about Kaiman’s record as a public servant.

As for today, here’s a question concerned citizens and other interested parties might ask Mr. Kaiman:

Recently, North Hempstead Democratic Chairman Gerard Terry revealed that he owed “some one million plus dollars” in federal and state back taxes. Terry, an attorney, blamed his failure to pay his taxes “more on personality than profession.”

Although Mr. Terry has been a mentor/sponsor of your political career and gave welcoming remarks at your last swearing-in ceremony as North Hempstead Supervisor in 2012 (and others before that), in light of Terry’s disclosure, will you publicly demand that he resign his party post and refuse to accept any contributions or other assistance from him to your Congressional campaign?

Stay tuned….

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