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The Nassau County Mangano-Kaiman Watch, March 11, 2014 – By George J. Marlin

March 11, 2014


From: Oyster Bay Republican Club

Re: Year End Wrap Up

Well, it was a mixed year.  We couldn’t take the luxury box at Giants Stadium paid for by our rich donors and so the Club didn’t have a place to hang out during the Super Bowl.

On the positive side, we did win the elections and no indictments have been issued.

NIFA’s Kaiman is one of us, a hack, sure, a Democratic hack, but one who recognizes how this game works.  Plus, he wants to be somebody and will stay in line.

The Club is worried about the County unions, especially the PBA.  I don’t know how much longer the PBA leadership will buy “Ed’s a nice guy and wants to help you.”   Even Carver will at some point say no mas.  This PBA forgot that police and other public employees need tax increases to get their steps, pay increases, etc.

Ed’s a Forrest Gump financial genius. He fought NIFA based on Ciampoli’s advice (Ciampoli was wrong on every legal case he touched). The County lost, an humiliating NIFA takeover was imposed on Ed and it’s the best thing that ever happened to Ed.

This wage freeze scheme saves the County hundreds of millions of dollars and avoids the need for a property tax increase maybe ever.  Ed’s dream of a third terms looks “100 percent.”

Ed “fights” the wage freeze but if it were lifted the required County property tax increase would make Suozzi (remember him?) look like a piker and we would beg to have it re-imposed.  Plus, Kaiman writes an essay on NIFA on the math section of the County SAT without a single number.  This thing will blow up some time but we’ll all be on OTB payroll by then trying to get a piece of VLT vendor action.

Some of the young cops will some day figure out that Mangano has played them but until then let’s keep Sandy funding coming in.

See you all at the Castle for poker and some extra-curriculars on Thursday.