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The Kessel NYPA Watch, June 26, 2011 – By George J. Marlin

June 26, 2011


Our NYPA correspondents report that C.E.O. Richie Kessel rarely shows up for work at his White Plains office.  On the average, his office appearances are often limited to two half days a week.  The rest of the work week he spends flitting around Long Island and New York City going to luncheons, giving speeches and receiving vanity honors.

Dining plays a very important and expensive role in the lives of Kessel and the hacks on his senior staff.  For instance, NYPA employees have been ordered to pick up food from Manhattan’s Carnegie Deli and from one of Kessel’s favorite Long Island Chinese restaurants to feed Kessel and senior staff at his White Plain’s Executive Management Committee meetings.  In these difficult economic times, it is an outrage that ratepayers’ hard-earned dollars are being wasted on NYPA employees traveling all over the metropolitan region to procure chow for Kessel and his hacks.

There’s more:  Recently received FOIL information from NYPA reveals that Kessel and his staff spend plenty of ratepayers’ money to wine and dine at luncheons and dinners that have nothing to do with NYPA’s mission.  Here’s a very small sampling:

June 2010 The Long Island Housing Partnership
$1,500 – The Crest Hollow Country Club
June 18, 2010 Vision Long Island Smart Growth Awards Dinner
$2,000 – VIP Table
September 2010 Nassau Council of Chamber of Commerce 2010 Breakfast
September 18, 2010 The Latimer House Museum Luncheon
$350 – Flushing, Queens
September 22, 2010 Building Long Island
$2,500 – Carlyle on the Green
September 24, 2010 The Regional Alliance for Small Contractors Annual Awards Luncheon
$3,000 – “The Lighthouse” Pier Sixty
October 7, 2010 The Bronx Chamber of Commerce 8th Annual Awards Banquet
$2,400 – Marina Del Rey
October 16, 2010 Rockville Center, L.I. Chamber of Commerce
“A Taste of Elegance – An evening of dining, dancing and wine tasting.”
October 25, 2010 White Plains Youth Bureau 40th Anniversary Gala
$750 – Crowne Plaza Hotel
November 2010 Save What’s Left 33rd Anniversary Awards Gala
November 10, 2010 Kids X-Press “Touch the Sky” Awards
$500 – Ritz Carlton, White Plains
January 12, 2011 Long Island Association County Executives Report Luncheon
$200 – Crest Hollow Country Club
January 29, 2011 “Bellmore in Bloom” Dinner
Chamber of Commerce of the Bellmores, L.I. –
$400 – Woodbury Country Club

Questions for NYPA Trustees:

1)     Why is NYPA’s CEO permitted to be absent from his White Plain’s work office most of every work week?  Why is he treated differently from every other NYPA employees who must report to their workstations every day?  Why isn’t he disciplined or fired?  Isn’t this theft of service?  What do Kessel’s time sheets say about how he spends his time at the public trough?

2)     Why is Kessel permitted to force NYPA employees to serve as gofers spending their work day picking up food for him?  Doesn’t that sound like what got Alan Hevesi in a heap of trouble?

3)     Why are Kessel and his staff members permitted to squander money on luncheon and dinner events that have nothing to do with NYPA’s mission?