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The Kessel NYPA Watch, January 7, 2010 – By George J. Marlin

January 7, 2011

Special State of the State Edition

 Happy Days are Here Again!

The long and storied history of the Power Authority has been written by great men such as Robert Moses and John Dyson under the leadership of Governors such as Al Smith, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Tom Dewey, Hugh Carey and Mario Cuomo.

Sadly, the leadership of NYPA has been recently debased and reached new lows as its current CEO and President has dismantled what was once one of the greatest public utilities in the nation and incurred the ire of customers, elected officials and NYPA’s workforce.

But the inauguration of Governor Andrew Cuomo has brought new hope to the customers of NYPA and taxpayers of the State. Yesterday, Governor Cuomo announced that he had nominated John Dyson for another term as NYPA board member. Dyson’s nomination is subject to Senate confirmation but that is expected to be pro forma.

After talking with its correspondents in Albany, White Plains and Long Island, here’s what Street Corner Conservative foresees—

First, Dyson, a former NYPA Chair who has held many important posts in the US Army, and State and New York City governments, surely did not accept the Governor’s offer to be just another board member. We expect that Dyson will be named NYPA Chair next month.

Street Corner believes that Kessel was able to thwart the gullible Governor Paterson from appointing Dyson during Paterson’s thankfully completed term. In fact, Kessel was able to convince Paterson to make a holdover Pataki appointee NYPA Chair. Kessel pushed Paterson to install the Pataki holdover knowing that a grateful Michael Townsend would not question his hijinks.

Second, Street Corner believes that Kessel, who was spotted in Albany Wednesday—the day of Governor Cuomo’s first State of the State address—leaving the Governor’s office, was informed that Dyson was coming in and Richie would soon leave.

If as Street Corner expects, this happy news is soon confirmed, the promise of the new Cuomo Administration will be bright indeed for NYPA.

Street Corner invites its correspondents to send in information on what may be the last days of the Kessel reign.