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The Kessel NYPA Watch, April 19, 2010 – By George J. Marlin

April 19, 2010

The following memo, written by a NYPA employee, was sent to Street Corner Conservative.  We believe it will be of interest to readers of The Kessel NYPA Watch.

To: Trustees
Cc: IBEW Union Leadership, Regional Managers, Selected NYPA Employees,
Frederic Dicker-NY Post

This is my second letter. Obviously it cannot be signed. I wish I could but the climate at NYPA is such that we worry more about who is sending information rather than what is contained in the message.

Richie gave his speech on management raises at the WPO last week. In case you didn’t hear about, ask for a copy of the memo. It should be readily available. To say that he has lost his entire management staff is not entirely true. He still has the friends that he hired over the last couple of months. However it is a true statement that he has lost the majority of his management personnel. (PS: Someone tell Rocco to take down his Receiver of Taxes website. It doesn’t look good. It was on line on Saturday March 20, 2010.)

Who is to blame? If you are getting a copy of this, you are to blame. You are in a position of power and have watched this thing unfold. Whatever happened to the Focus “Lock and Load” bullshit that we spent oodles of money on in the 90’s? Weren’t we supposed to confront wrongdoings when we saw them? Okay, I know, enough about Focus.

We have a President who is bullying his way around the office, casting aside people with many years of experience to get his friends job. We have power plants that produce electricity despite the upper management at the White Plains Office (WPO). We have an upside down organization. Thank goodness for the people in the trenches – the site people (union & management) and the technical people they deal with at the WPO. Without this core group of people putting out the everyday fires, who knows what kinds of messes our grid could get into.

We are at the point now where supervisors are making less money than the people they supervise. Hey gang – this isn’t a good situation. I don’t want to join a union, but if someone brought me a card, I would sign it to see what there is to offer. Richie mentioned at his meeting that the union raises were still going through because they have a contract and they do a good job. I agree with him – they do a good job. However that is a slap in the face to all of the management people in the company that do a good job every day and will get nothing. Kessel is telling us that the only way to make a expect a raise is to either become one of his cronies, or join a union. I think the latter is going to start happening very soon.

How come Trustees Nicandri and Foster are the only ones questioning this? Are they the only two who care about the management staff at NYPA? Trustees – take a walk around the sites. Go and meet the management people making the electricity. We are not town clerks, or receivers of taxes. Quit comparing us with those types of people. We are technical people who do a scientific job. The last time I looked NYPA made enough money to hand out raises to everyone who derved one, give money to the governor and let Kessel give it all away at his luncheons.

Richie Kessel is a buffoon. Talk to any Regional Manager one on one, with no one else around. Ask them for their honest opinion. See what they say. Yet you sit month after month watching this guy lead us down the wrong path. I wish I didn’t care. I wish I could sit back and watch it unfold.

But this is my company and I hate to see fools come in and ruin something that people spend the last 60 years building. Better yet, go to the web site Click on the Kessel link. It’s pretty impressive stuff. He is the kind of guy I would want running my company.

The guy is an embarrassment to our organization. However he must be smarter than all of you because he is the one running the show. He is telling you that everything is fine and all the employees are doing ok. That is nothing but BS. The sad part is that Kessel will be gone and the person following him will have to pick up all the pieces.

The question you need to ask yourself everyday when you look in the mirror is: “Am I doing what is right for everyone involved?” If you feel that you doing the right thing, then I apologize for wasting your time. If you feel that there are things that you could do better, there is still time. Lets put a lasso around this big whale and bring him ashore.