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The Kessel NYPA Watch, January 18, 2010 – By George J. Marlin

January 18, 2010

Kessel Asides

Having satisfied upstate burghers and pols that he is focused on upstate, Richie Kessel has returned to bestowing love and money on his Long Island home.  A few examples:

NYPA held what may be its first ever board meeting in mid-December on Long Island which accounts for fully 2-3% of NYPA load.

NYPA hiring of Long Islanders continues apace.  Refugees from the late Suozzi Administration have washed ashore in White Plains.  More appear to seek the shelter Kessel’s NYPA can provide for at least the next several months.  It appears that Cablevision is not willing to carry the defeated county executive’s tired team in Suozzi’s new girls basketball high school sports gig at MSG Varsity.  So, Kessel to the rescue.

Kessel launched yet another press release of love towards Long Island, this latest one several days ago with $750,000 for planning and operations in Suffolk County.

On January 11, Kessel met at Concerned Citizens for the Environment’s office in Farmingdale to discuss “critical issues throughout New York” including according to the agenda, “Future of National Grid Power Plants on Long Island”, “New Timelines & Progress for LI Offshore Wind” and “Hydro-power LI? Hudson Cable”.  Senator George Maziarz, please ask Kessel what he’s up to here and what he is telling LI enviros and other activists about his plans for Long Island.

NYPA plans to sell NYC power plants and redeploy that capital into National Grid’s plants continues.  Either Upstate ratepayers will subsidize higher income Long Islanders (thanks for the gift, Buffalo!) or if the deal stands on its own and there is no upstate subsidy it is hard to see any advantage to Long Island given LIPA’s decision to pass on the opportunity after running the numbers.  Those who have followed Kessel’s career know that he doesn’t know financials or what they mean and doesn’t care about numbers.  More to come on this.

How will the on-going dispute play out between Kessel’s NYPA and the Pine Barrens Society for a $25,000 sponsorship promised by Kessel for the October 21 Pine Barrens event two months ago at Long Island’s Oheka Castle at which Kessel and David Paterson were honored?  According to sources, Paterson’s office properly vetoed this sponsorship since it’s illegal and will only attract the attention of the Attorney General.  The Pine Barrens wants the money it was promised.  More to come on this, too.

The calls, letters and emails we receive indicate that morale at NYPA continues to plunge.  Please keep your comments coming.


Mangano must remember those that put him in office – By George J. Marlin

January 18, 2010

This commentary I wrote, Marlin: Mangano must remember those that put him in office, appears on the Long Island Business News web site.