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George Pataki: He’s Back Making a Fool of Himself – By George J. Marlin

September 7, 2008

Former Governor George Pataki’s political status reached a new low last week:  he attended the National Republican Convention not as a delegate but as a spectator.

Despite this humiliation, he told a gathering of New York’s delegation in Minnesota that “I’m back!  I’m getting involved!”

Back to do what?  To further destroy New York’s economy?  To further destroy New York’s Republican Party?  To further corrupt New York’s body politic?

Pataki also said he is willing to campaign for John McCain.

This is one offer that should be turned down.  Remember, in 2000 Pataki employed vicious tactics to stop McCain.  He tried to throw McCain delegates off the New York primary ballot and he approved low life media ads that falsely accused Senator John McCain of opposing breast cancer research.

All principled Republicans and Conservatives should tell this walking cadaver to climb back into his political coffin.