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George Elmer Pataki: The Inconsequential Governor – By George J. Marlin

February 17, 2008

Three days before the New York presidential primary, The New York Times published an above the fold article titled, “As State Primary Nears, Pataki is Barely Visible.”  Rationalizing the former governor’s disappearing act, a Pataki spokesman said, “…I think he is more active with a national outlook rather than a state one.”

The real reason Pataki has become a political non-entity is that Republicans and Conservatives prefer to forget his years in office.  They are angry that fiscally, economically and culturally, Pataki sold them down the river.  They are ashamed of an administration that discarded principles and catered to enriching lobbyists, contributors and political cronies.  They are embarrassed by this gruesome Pataki record: (more…)