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On the Death Penalty – By George J. Marlin

January 20, 2008

The political tide appears to be running against the death penalty.  The New York Times reported that “for the first time in modern history of the death penalty, 60 percent of all American executions took place in Texas.”  New Jersey abolished the death penalty in December 2007; Connecticut’s Superior Court is contemplating if the death penalty discriminates against minorities; the U.S. Supreme Court is reviewing if the three drug lethal injection execution method is “cruel and unusual punishment.”  And in New York, thanks to Governor Pataki’s wanton approval of flawed death penalty legislation, the Court of Appeals in June 2004 struck down key provisions.  As a result, convicted Wendy’s restaurant mass murderer John Taylor’s death sentence was tossed out by the state’s highest court on October 24, 2007.

Many of those fighting to maintain the death penalty sentence believe they enhance their cause by arguing it is justified because it is a deterrent.  This line of reasoning, however, is flawed – the evidence is inconclusive, contradictory and fundamentally irrelevant. (more…)