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The Pataki Legacy – By George J. Marlin

October 7, 2007

When Governor Pataki left office on December 31, 2006, he quickly slid into obscurity.  The impact of his reckless fiscal policies, however, still command the attention of every New York taxpayer.

The Public Policy Institute revealed in May that New York’s per capita combined state and local taxes at the end of 2005 were the highest in the nation.  At $5,770 per capita, New York’s tax burden was 36 percent above the national average.

In addition, the state’s 2005 per-capital debt burden – the third highest in America – increased 6 percent from the previous fiscal year to $12,107.  Per-capita spending, the second highest in the nation, stood at $11,821 versus the national average of $8,003. (more…)