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A Guide to New York State Public Authority Revenue Bonds – By George J. Marlin

August 12, 2007

“The role of governor, one small piece of it is to deal with the legislature. The much larger piece is to run the agencies.” 

                                                             Governor Eliot Spitzer
                                                             June 2007

There is an unbelievable opportunity now to govern through the agencies, and that’s frankly what I’m really looking forward to.”

                                                            Governor Eliot Spitzer
                                                            July 2007

To circumvent the democratic process, Governor Spitzer has announced that he intends to govern through the 104 state authorities that are under his thumb.

Like his liberal predecessors, to avoid interference from the voters or the state legislature, Spitzer will use the vast bonding powers of these autonomous agencies to impose his will on New York taxpayers.

The following explains the financing powers of the New York State authorities and why Spitzer is focusing on these big-government murky-mazes: (more…)