The Richie Kessel NYPA Watch, January 9, 2009 – By George J. Marlin

Statement of George J. Marlin of on Newsday LIPA exposé:

“I call on Attorney General Cuomo to launch an investigation of the shocking disclosure in today’s Newsday by Mark Harrington that LIPA’s prior administration led by Richie Kessel hid $6 billion in private expenditure for which Long Island’s already shell-shocked ratepayers will be responsible over the next 30 years. LIPA bills will be dramatically higher as a result of the amounts which were intentionally hidden from the public. I respectfully request that the AG also investigate whether applicable state and federal civil and criminal laws were complied with and whether the public and LIPA Board were given required disclosures. I also request that an independent forensic audit be conducted that would analyze LIPA’s books and records regarding the matters in the Newsday story. Sadly, I do not feel that Comptroller DiNapoli’s office should conduct that review in light of the fact that a member of his family has worked for many years in a senior position at LIPA and is expected by many to join Richie Kessel at NYPA in another senior position.”

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