The Governor Pataki Museum – Vanitas Vanitatum – By George J. Marlin

George Pataki, whose insouciant leadership and administration’s mismanagement, arrogance, incompetence and corruption did enormous fiscal, economic and cultural damage to this state, has given the green light to lobbyists and vendors he enriched to finance a museum in his honor.

At the project announcement, the leader of the museum effort claimed that Pataki’s “accomplishments are very clear and I think they are most clear today.”

To best describe Governor Pataki’s accomplishments, here are my suggestions for museum exhibits:

  • A display of Pataki’s broken promises. This should include his abandoned pledges to curb Medicaid costs, unfunded state mandates, one shot fiscal gimmicks, backdoor borrowing and tax and fee increases.
  • A display describing why New York had the highest combined state and local taxes in the country when Pataki left office.
  • A display describing why New York’s business climate was rated the worst in the nation when he left office.
  • A display describing why 700 thousand people migrated from upstate New York during Pataki’s tenure to seek economic opportunities elsewhere.
  • A gallery containing photos of the 35,000 single family homes abandoned in Buffalo during Pataki’s 12 years in office.
  • A rogue’s gallery containing portraits of the big-government leeches, radical-enviros, pro-abortion leftists, corrupt lobbyists and vendors Pataki allied himself.
  • A display of Pataki’s favorite restaurant wine lists.

It was reported that Pataki was reluctant to approve the building of the shrine until he was assured it will be geared toward elementary and middle school students. This is understandable: children may be the only audience gullible enough to buy Governor Pataki’s fairy tale version of his accomplishments.

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