Senator Barack Obama: Religion in the Public Square is OK – By George J. Marlin

This article I wrote appears on The Catholic Thing website on July 23, 2008.

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One Comment on “Senator Barack Obama: Religion in the Public Square is OK – By George J. Marlin”

  1. Jim Kelly Says:

    RE: Obama Lovefest Continues with Media

    We cannot even put this “Kid” in the same class as Reagan or Kennedy giving his recent speech in Berlin.

    The media continues this crazy liberal spin. The media continues to lose their creditability by spinning this story day in and day out.

    Barrack Obama = A “Motivational Speaker who reads off of TelePrompTer’s”……

    He is an Illinois “State Senator” who did nothing more then pass “Baby Seat Laws, Did Park Dedications and hand out Little League Trophies to Children (That is what “State Senators” do best!)

    After being in the United States Senate for One year this kid wants to be President of these United States? Give me a break.

    I am NO Hillary supporter by any means, but a least she had some experience.

    BTW…George, I enjoy reading your stories on this blog and in the New York Post! Keep on Fighting the Good Fight.

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