Rudy Giuliani and Partial-Birth Abortion – By George J. Marlin

After reading last week’s posting, “Rudy Giuliani and the American Catholic Bishops,” several viewers claimed that Rudy Giuliani’s opposition to partial-birth abortion proves he is moving in the right direction on the life issue and may be worthy of Catholic support in the presidential election.

Giuliani’s flip-flop on partial-birth abortion is a sop to orthodox Catholics and Evangelical Christians.  With Giuliani’s long paper trail on the subject, it is difficult to believe his conversion is sincere.

Here’s a sampling:

Giuliani, who backs abortion rights, has opposed a ban on the controversial late-term abortion procedure.

“I don’t see my position changing,” he said in Texas.

                                        New York Post, November 30, 1999

For now, the mayor’s position appears firm:  Earlier this month, Mr. Giuliani told the Albany Times Union that he would not support a ban on late-term abortions and that he supports the state’s abortion law.  “New York shouldn’t be ashamed of the law,” Mr. Giuliani said.  “That law, I think, is a fair one and works to create the necessary scope of freedom and prohibition.”

At a City Hall news conference this week, Mr. Giuliani brushed off a question about late-term abortion, saying that “my position on abortion is precisely the same today as it was yesterday.  I haven’t changed over-night.”

                                        New York Times, November 26, 1999

“I’ve only had to deal with [the issue] as the mayor of New York and I supported it, and I don’t see any reason to change that position,” Giuliani tells “Evans & Novak” on CNN, scheduled to air today.

Likely Senate candidate Mayor Giuliani says he’s sticking to his guns on opposing restrictions on so-called partial-birth abortions – a political hot potato that could cost him the Conservative Party endorsement.

                                        New York Post, October 9, 1999

An aide to Mayor Giuliani yesterday said the mayor still opposes certain restrictions on late-term abortions – a controversial position that could prevent him from winning the Conservative Party endorsement for Senate.

“The mayor is not rethinking his position,” said spokeswoman Sunny Mindel.

                                        New York Daily News, August 18, 1999

When he was New York City’s mayor, Giuliani chose to ignore the broad consensus in New York against partial birth abortion.  Former mayor Ed Koch condemned the procedure and Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan referred to it as “infanticide.”

Even with the political cover from these prominent liberals, Giuliani stood firm in his support of killing babies who were in the late stages of pregnancy.

Rudy Giuliani has a long pro-abortion history.  He even said he would give his daughter money for an abortion.

Don’t be fooled by this master con artist.

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