Making the case for Zeldin – By George J. Marlin

The following appeared on Monday, September 19, 2022, in the Blank Slate Media newspaper chain and on its website,

To adequately express my views on the upcoming gubernatorial election, my column this week is a self-interview. So here goes …

Why are you supporting Zeldin?

First, Congressman Zeldin has the knowledge and public policy positions essential to managing the state government.

Next, and this is key, one-party control of Albany is dangerous. Radical progressives, with Gov. Kathy Hochul’s approval, have been running wild raising taxes, increasing debt and anti-business regulations, and spending every dollar available.

Their reckless policies are driving the state to the edge of fiscal insolvency and driving hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers to greener economic pastures in Florida, Texas, etc. As governor, Zeldin will check those radicals.

New York’s chief executive has vast powers over the budgetary process and, I believe, Gov. Zeldin will effectively employ that oversight authority to prevent a fiscal and economic cataclysm.

Any other reasons for supporting Zeldin?

Yes. I believe he will listen to the pleas of Mayor Eric Adams and civil magistrates throughout the state to fix the flawed cashless bail law that is letting criminals, who are a present danger to the public, back onto the streets.

Zeldin would also reverse the state’s ban on the safe extraction of natural gas. There is 84 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in the Marcellus Shale rock formation and 38 trillion in the Utica Shale. Tapping into that natural gas will bring down the price to heat homes—which is up over 33% this past year—create scores of high paying jobs in New York’s western tier and bring billions of dollars into the state treasury.

When it comes to dealing with economic issues, Zeldin will be a breath of fresh air in Albany.

Isn’t Zeldin a dangerous 2020 election denier?

Absolutely not. Zeldin has said time and again: “I have never at any point ever made a statement calling Biden or the election illegitimate.”

True, he voted to reject the certification of Biden’s electoral votes in Arizona and Pennsylvania. While I disagreed with him, in my judgment Zeldin’s votes were symbolic, a form of protest.

Remember, it was not the first-time members of the House of Representatives objected to an election outcome. In 2005, 31 Democrats, led by Congressman Jim Clyburn, voted to deny George W. Bush’s Ohio electoral votes, even though he carried the state by 118,000 votes.

Among those 31 Democratic election deniers was the present chairman of the home security and Jan. 6 committees, Congressman Bennie Thompson.

Now, I don’t recall any claims that our democracy was at risk of being toppled by those anti-Bush votes. In fact, Nancy Pelosi approved of and praised the objectors. “Debate,” she said, “is fundamental to our democracy” and it “is about the Constitution.” She dismissed Republican “talk about this as a conspiracy theory.”

What about Zeldin’s stand on abortion?

Zeldin is pro-life, as am I. He opposes late-term abortions and non-doctors performing abortions. He supports parental consent and informed consent. Zeldin also supports the Dobbs decision that permits states via the democratic process to determine abortion policies.

Sadly, New York has the most permissive abortion law in the nation. Hence, Dobbs has not had any impact whatsoever on the state.

Also, Zeldin vociferously opposes Hochul’s demand that millions of Christians and Jews who are not pro-abortion, move to Florida. He believes that every citizen is entitled to their views on the issue and should be free to express them in the public square. That’s called democracy at work.

What about Zeldin on education?

Zeldin, who is not a captive of the teacher unions, released a thoughtful “students first” plan that includes, promoting a parent’s right to be in control of their children’s education, lifting the cap on charter schools, creating tax credits for school choice, and maintaining merit-based entry exam specialized schools.

Any other thoughts on Zeldin?

Yes. New York’s executive branch has been controlled by Democrats for over 15 years.

It’s time to give a new lease on the executive mansion to someone who can clean house and add balance to addressing the state’s ever growing problems. I believe that Lee Zeldin is that person.

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