The Jon Kaiman for Congress Watch, March 5, 2016 – By George J. Marlin

The Nassau Interim Finance Authority (NIFA) comes under the state’s Public Authorities 2009 Reform Act, which requires board members, as fiduciaries, to act independently of elected officials and to give a “contemporaneous record” to NIFA officials of “any conversation in person or by telephonic or other remote means, or corresponding between any lobbyist engaged in the act of lobbying….”


Mr. Kaiman:  Did you ever receive marching orders from a member of the governor’s staff concerning NIFA matters?

Mr. Kaiman:  Did you properly report meetings with lobbyists or other parties who attempt to influence any determination “by a public official … related to a government procurement?”

Mr. Kaiman:  Will you release your meetings/luncheon calendar for the period you were NIFA chairman? If you decline to do so, please explain?

Mr. Kaiman:  If you dined with a lobbyist or someone acting in a similar capacity seeking favor or action by NIFA, in a restaurant or a town-owned club (for example, Frank’s Steak House or Harbor Links), did you pay your fair share for the meal and adult refreshments and not a nominal amount?

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