The Kessel NYPA Watch, July 26, 2011 – By George J. Marlin

The mission of the Kessel NYPA Watch has been completed.

“De mortuis nihil nisi bonum”

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8 Comments on “The Kessel NYPA Watch, July 26, 2011 – By George J. Marlin”

  1. Put Out To Pasture Says:

    Grab the popcorn…heads are starting to roll.

  2. Nassau News Hound Says:

    Mr. Marlin – just the tip of the iceberg. The weasel Quiniones is already at work trying to put his stooges back in places where they can do the most harm. He had a meeting on Friday and told them he has support to be pres/ceo and making promises they will return to power. Before Kessel got there he switched all the departments under himself so he would have more power. He gave his stooges Joan Tursi a $60,000 raise and Agnes Harris $40,000 to help him. Tursi then promoted Leto and gave her $50,000 raise. Together they gave out more than 120 promotions and raises after Kessel said no promos or raises. The weasel is at it again unless someone stops him. He had more than $1million in the budget for consultants when Kessel got there. He knows nothing – check w/NYC folks…they laughed when they heard he was at NYPA making noise like he was an expert. He tries to surround himself with smart people to make him look better. Keep digging…lots more to know and many hangers on who are collecting big pay checks.

    • Inthetrench Says:

      Those who are left at NYPA should remember the first person that Quiniones and Kessel collectively found a way to throw under the bus was the guy most in a position to spot light and bring out their “wrong” stuff. that was our first chief risk person. he had issues to fight through and did not always get it right but he was honest and straight forward and had NYPA’s best interest first on the list.

  3. albanyboy Says:

    Mr. Marlin, Your job is not complete. Yes, RK is gone, but while he was casting a huge shadow, miscreants like the COO (quinones) were doing equally devilish deeds. Everyone was focused on the big kahuna kessel and in doing so, no one was watching the smarmy little guy flying below the radar. I believe you, Mr. Marlin, want to “clean up” government and bring respectability back to NYS. If that’s that the case, then you will continue your watch, because your work at NYPA is far from complete.
    Remember, Mr. Quinones was playing this acting Pres role once before. He succeeded in getting rid of the President before Kessel (R. Kelly). During that brief tenure, he spent millions of dollars on consultants to tell him what to do, since god knows, he’s not smart enough to know that on his own. You think Kessel promoted and gave big salary increases. It pales in comparison to what Q did in the few short months he was there. Wield your trusty FOIL saber Mr. Marlin and you’ll be shocked at what you find.
    And, since Kessel took the Presidential brass ring from Quinones, you can imagine how that relationship played out. Everyone knows that Q was ratting on Kessel from the day Richie arrived. And, the numerous sycophants that Quinones promoted and rewarded were his trusty and loyal spies. Kessel didn’t do himself any favors , but with a COO like Quinones sitting near him, Kessel didn’t stand a chance. Oh Mr. Marlin, keep up your good and honorable work and don’t let it end now. The best and juiciest stuff is yet to come. But, Q is a much more formidable foe – he has his friends sprinkled throughout the Authority, puts very little in writing , is neat and presentable and talks a good game. He’s fooled many of the people in nYPA and Albany, but I don’t think he can fool you!

  4. Lightattheendofthetunnel Says:

    Thanks to Marlin Kessel will soon be gone. He was a great consumer affairs gadfly but a disaster as a manager and executive. He wasted tens of millions of dollars of taxpayer money but now he is gone and now after a long NYPA nightmare stability and normalcy can return. Lobbyists all over the State mourn tonight.

  5. francine evans Says:

    acta est fabula – plaudite !

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