The Kessel NYPA Watch, April 3, 2011 – By George J. Marlin

Street Corner has filed a request under New York State Freedom of Information Law with the FOIL officer of the New York Power Authority requesting certain public records of NYPA relating to various activities and policies of the C.E.O. of NYPA, Richie Kessel.

Street Corner Conservative will keep its readers informed of NYPA’s response to the FOIL request.

The following is the text of the letter sent today to NYPA’s FOIL officer:

New York Power Authority
Office of the Secretary
123 Main Street, 15-M
White Plains, NY 10601

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I am a taxpayer and resident of the State of New York and pursuant to New York Public Officer Law and the provisions of the regulations of the New York Power Authority (NYPA) adopted pursuant to the Public Officer Law (21 NYCRR Part 453), I demand access to the following records by email to me if possible:

1. Information and records as to contributions, grants, donations, sponsorships, payments and purchase of tickets (collectively, “Expenditures of NYPA Public Money”) to or from not-for-profit entities, colleges, universities and research centers (collectively, “Recipients of NYPA Public Money”) from NYPA or any subsidiary or affiliate for the period January 1, 2011 through and including March 31, 2011;

2. Information and records as to whether each Expenditure of NYPA Public Money to each Recipient of NYPA Public Money from NYPA or any subsidiary or affiliate for the period January 1, 2011 through and including March 31, 2011 was processed in full compliance with NYPA board or entity policy and procedure for Expenditure of Public Money;

3. For each Expenditure of NYPA Public Money which involved purchase of tickets for an event held outside a NYPA facility, provide the names and relationship to NYPA of each person who used the ticket purchased or acquired by or through the Expenditure of NYPA Public Money;

If all of the records I have requested cannot be e-mailed to me, please inform me by e-mail of the portions that can be e-mailed and advise me of the cost for reproducing the remainder of the records requested.

If the requested records cannot be e-mailed to me due to the volume of records identified as responsive to my request, please advise me of the actual cost of copying such records onto a CD-ROM, if that is possible.

Please advise me of the cost of providing paper copies of the requested records.

If my request is deemed to be too broad or not to reasonably describe the requested records, please contact me via e-mail so that I may clarify my request and, when appropriate, please advise me as to how NYPA records are filed, retrieved, or generated.

If for any reason any portion of my request is denied, please inform me of the reasons for the denial in writing and provide the name, mailing address, and e-mail address of the person to whom an appeal should be directed. Thank you for your expected cooperation.

Very truly yours,

George J. Marlin

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14 Comments on “The Kessel NYPA Watch, April 3, 2011 – By George J. Marlin”

  1. Inthetrench Says:

    My first post. Well seems, finally, likes Richie’s days are limited. Muzzling Richie and sacking him would be great. None to soon. We HAD some hard working people who really cared…but are now gone….run off by Richie or retired. We need politically unconnected people at sr levels to run us….not political hacks like all those Richie brough in. If we could get Deasy or Hiney or the 1st head risk person or Carline to come back would be great. But I wouldn’t if I were any of them. HOpe Dyson acts soon and cleans house on 16 &17….and starts fresh with qualified people. Move up some of the good people we have. “Street” keep up the work.

  2. dennis king Says:

    people looked at our variable pay and rate increase all wrong. now this richie gave salary employees of nypa flex days which equal one day off every two weeks that means five weeks vacation. times all salary employees that equals alot of money. also the so called richie cut salarys medical expense and gave all salary a cost of living raise. these salary employees are milking the nypa system not even taking over the travel floor at white plains for his lypo people and no one can get on that floor which these people makes six figures and do little or no work for nypa at all. now lets close down white plains and move them to the mother ship in western new yoprk and watch them scream.

    • used and abused Says:

      You are idiot. Flex time = 40 hours worked over a nine day cycle instead of ten. Seems pretty cost negative to me. But what can you expect from frontier trash.

      • fluffgov Says:

        Dennis King – you are most definitely an idiot.

        The “salary employees” as you call us are the ones who work more than our core hours, for no extra pay. We don’t have a Union to back us up. And not all of us are allowed to flex. It’s up to our supervisors.

        Of course, I’m surprised that you actually have a job at NYPA given the appallingly low level of grammar and spelling in your post.

        But wait, you could be a FOK’ker, and probably didn’t have to take any kind of entrance exam.

        I’ve never heard of “western new yoprk”. Is that near Massena or Niagara?

        And I think you would “hear us scream” rather than “watch us scream” – moron.

        -Disgusted (and hoping that Dennis King isn’t actually Bert in disguise….)

        p.s. I would love to work upstate. With my HUGE salary from WPO, I could buy a mansion with a pool and still have lots of money left over for the Casino at Niagara…

    • Phil Mihine Says:

      You sir, are a cretin (look it up if you know how to use a dictionary). You are ill informed and should check your facts before you spew inaccuracies. And by the way, it is “SALARIED” employees, not “salary employees”. At least we agree that the useless folks,or should I say,the “fokkers”,on 16 and 17 must go.

    • resistanceisfutile Says:

      To Dennis (the menace) – I think your “mothership” has sailed long ago. There is no logic to your ramblings. “Your conclusions and solutions are based on much confusion”.

      To those keeping the faith that the bleeding will stop at NYPA, there is an encouraging article regarding recent changes involving Mssrs. Dyson and Kessel at

      Thank you Mr. Marlin keeping the light shined on the shadows of NYPA. Those that preceded Mr. Kessel appreciate it.

  3. fluffGov Says:

    Yes, a group is setup in WPO legal and is copying info (but that’s old news down here….)

    I see that Kessel continues to abuse his position, even as he’s being walked out. We have a new hire, Sylvia Hamer, starting at the end of April. Title is “Chief Diversity Officer”. She came from the OTB.

    How can he continue to be so blatant and hire people in these positions, when we can’t hire anyone in technical positions?

    at WPO

  4. PASNYVeteran Says:

    Mr Marlin–Kessel didnt respond to your FOILs honestly and withheld documents that should have been turned over. Keep at it!


    Word around here is Dyson has already castrated this oversized whale. Unfortunately all his buddies will remain behind and their peutrid smell billows thru the hallways. What a dark blotch on the overall great history of NYPA this regime has been.

  6. Upstate Hydro Says:

    The foil requests are working. My understanding is that there is a group set up in theb White Plains Office making copies of everything that is needed. Can someone from the WPO verify this information?

  7. PASNY Watcher Says:

    It appears that the HR Department had been used today and in the past as a patronage employment office which demoralizes the employees in the department and also provides cover for some criminal activities. Many of us can remember the kickback scandal going back to Alan Wieser. And there was a clown named Vinnie who knew little about overtime laws and was forced to pay thousands of dollars to employees who had been cheated. Now HR is headed by a tax collector from Long Island. It is obvious that there are no adults in charge at NYPA.

  8. watchinNYPA Says:

    He was called to Albany. Good bye!

  9. nyc511 Says:


    Looking forward to seeing the response you get. I had 25 years of govt experience — 15 of it in HR — and I couldn’t get the attention of anyone at NYPA. Now we find the the VP of HR at NYPA’s experience consisted of running a kosher food store?!

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