The Kessel NYPA Watch, February 13, 2011 – By George J. Marlin

Fool Me Once, Shame on You; Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me

When Kevin Law was appointed as CEO of the Long Island Power Authority following Governor Spitzer’s decision to fire Richie Kessel in 2007, one of the first and wisest things he did in surveying the damage and destruction wrought by Kessel was to request an opinion from then-Attorney General Andrew Cuomo about various questionable actions undertaken by Kessel.

Among the actions AG Cuomo was asked to address was whether Kessel’s use of public monies at LIPA to fund various Long Island and other not-for-profits was proper.  As Newsday learned after persevering in its FOIL requests (sounds familiar) Kessel gave away well over $1 million of LIPA public money over the course of his term.

In October 2007, in response to Kevin Law’s request, AG Cuomo wrote that many of Kessel’s contributions were improper.  In a formal written opinion, the Attorney General wrote:

In the event, however, that a financial contribution does not directly relate to one of LIPA’s powers, duties, or purposes, then we believe it would fall outside LIPA’s authority to give. As a creature of statute, LIPA lacks powers not granted to it by express or necessarily implicated legislative delegation. While we recognize that the LIPA Act is to be liberally construed to effect its purposes, Public Authorities Law § 1020-gg, its purposes must in fact be served in order for LIPA’s acts to be authorized.

With respect to the charitable giving program, we find nothing in the powers, duties, or purposes of LIPA that renders improving community goodwill or the well-being of the community unrelated to the provision of electrical service as part of LIPA’s mission. Moreover, while LIPA has “all the powers necessary or convenient to carry out the purposes and provisions” of the LIPA Act, Public Authorities Law § 1020-f, we believe that increased goodwill is neither necessary nor convenient for complying with the provisions of or achieving the purposes of the LIPA Act. “Indeed, the beneficial corporate public relations generated by the largesse made in the name of public utilities essentially advances predominately the private interests of the utility corporations…and are too peripheral to the service interests of the ratepayers.” Furthermore, the charitable contribution program appears to conflict with the “sine qua non objective” of the LIPA Act, “to give LIPA the authority to save ratepayers money by controlling and reducing utility costs.” For these reasons, we are of the opinion that the charitable contribution program is not authorized.

AG Cuomo’s written opinion is available at this link:

Street Corner has deleted case citations in the quote above for purposes of readability.

Here’s Street Corner Conservative’s question. Newsday reported extensively on the AG’s opinion at the time and Kessel declined to be quoted (a rarity since he lives to have his name in the paper), so Kessel was fully aware of the position of the AG on donations of public money for purposes unrelated to the mission of a State public authority. Therefore, since Kessel had knowledge of the law and then intentionally and recklessly spent hundreds of thousands of public money on sponsorships in no way related to the mission of NYPA, shouldn’t there be consequences, serious ones?

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69 Comments on “The Kessel NYPA Watch, February 13, 2011 – By George J. Marlin”

  1. OldTimer Says:

    WPO Finance says 2010 variance from operating income budget will be even worse than expected. Hydro flows continued to lag in Q4

  2. NYPACredit Says:

    hello if anyone from the State is watching– Kessel is trying to sneak through approval of GLOW and Hudson River line while no one is watching. That’s why there is no Feb meeting and no general counsel and no IG and a board that sleeps. This is all about the greater glory of Kessel and making his many lobbyist friends happy. Richie knows that Dyson will figure this all out in about 15 minutes and put the brakes on all these risky, credit crushing Kessel projects

  3. PowerAuthVet Says:

    will someone turn on the lights and rouse our board from their 3 year hibernation and see whether they know what’s happening as they doze. Keep up the good work

  4. NYPADespair Says:

    it is critical that Sen Maziarz have subponea power and swear Richie and the board members in. Ms Cusack too

  5. BetterDaysahead Says:

    in addition to nypa money kessel wasted I hope maziarz questions him about where he spends his time and what he does. Speaking on long island about twitter seems like a waste of time for the ceo of nypa to say nothing of disgracing the good name of nypa

  6. suffolksam Says:

    I got my LI Bus News at home today and the article is in print. Shocking indictment of our Richie

  7. Savenypa Says:

    It is difficult to watch Richie Kessel ruining a great company that people have worked so hard to build. He is unqualified and incompetent. He has cause many of our knowledgable and intelligent people to leave NYPA and has instead hired totally incompetent friends who sit around doing nothing of value. He doesn’t understand the business and doesn’t listen to the employees who do.
    It is unbelievable that after being fired from LIPA, he was hired at a much more complicated company as NYPA. Lets hope he leaves soon, before causing more major damage.

  8. NiagaraNancy Says:

    Sen Maziarrz said that “the lack of transparency at NYPA is appalling.” He said he has suspected foul play for some time. Isn’t it time the adults at NYPA and Albany realized that it is time to end the job destroying career of one Richie Kessel. While this is going on he is quietly working on projects worth billions of dollars. Anybody out there feel good about that?

  9. STL Worker Says:

    Think about this …

    There are four very important sites Upstate – St. Lawrence, Niagara, B-G and Clark. They are responsibile for the majority of the Generation and Transmission in all of NYPA. (Don’t just take my work for it – look at the NYISO map)

    However NYPA has the majority of its employees living and working in the most expensive area of NY (Westchester-WPO) sucking the organization dry. Wouldn’t it be a better idea to have those positions at the sites doing real work than at the WPO pushing paper and monitoring contractors??

    This has been going on before the “fat man” came on board, but still needs to be looked into.

    To my WPO colleagues – before getting upset and stating that you provide a valuable service – realize I do not disagree. I just feel that the service you provide should be provided at the site where electricity is made – not 6 to 8 hours away.

    • ResistanceIsFutile Says:

      Dear “colleague”,

      Hard NOT to get upset when the location where I chose to live is (in your opinion) the reason the organization is being sucked dry. NYPA does not, and has not, paid me any more money when my real estate taxes go up. Quite the opposite, I lived through the no bonus/no raise years like you did. You do realize many of us multitask and support several of the projects you list at the same time. If we just supported one, then your suggestion to be local to that site makes all the sense in the world.

      Many of us old timers took the job at NYPA because it was a good place to work and we could get fair pay for fair work. But times and CEOs have changed and NYPA is now freely giving away our hard earned net revenue for political reasons. Please blame the guys squandering the money, not the workers earning it for them to waste.

      • STL Worker Says:


        Take a look around at other corporations. The majority of the workers are not at the corporate office. NYPA is an upside down organization. Many jobs that used to be assigned to the sites (HR, Real Estate, IT, purchasing, etc) now have report to the WPO. This was done to actually give some of the managers at the WPO something to do.

        It’s an emotional issue for the “down-staters”, but it is still reality. Does having the point of control 8 hours away do anybody any good?

  10. LotsofSpinZone Says:

    here’s what Bert said about the charitable contributions: “There is an internal process that we do on some of the larger sponsorships in which our business unit and legal department look over the donations to ensure they fall in line with our policy.” Someone is going to have a whole lot of ‘splainin’ to do to Sen Maziarz and the AG.

  11. STL Worker Says:

    Word on the street is that the union negotiations is going very slow. Frank Ryan is in charge on the Management side. NYPA was poised to provide a 3.0 – 3.5 % increase to the union, but it was stopped in Albany. Now Frank is desperately seeking to find a copy of the contract and actually negotiate.

    Every one of these clowns that Kessell has brought into our company is a disgrace. Once the dust settle, they need to fired. No severance, nothing. Just a pink slip and shown the door.

    The biggest thief on Long Island somehow managed to become the CEO of NYPA. NYPA actually produces power and does technical things very well. Get rid of the thief and his hacks, and lets move on.

  12. NYPAOldtimer Says:

    Burt has done a good job over the years picking up Richie’s messes. But his statement to LIBN is long and convoluted and shows even Burt’s problems spinning this one. “NYPA has plants in Suffolk so it’s ok to give money to Richie’s hometowns in Nassau.” “Yes, we knew about Cuomo’s opinion but well NYPA’s different.” Should be interesting when Richie tries this line of baloney on Maziaz under oath.

  13. AlbanyPowerGal Says:

    Senate hearing on Dyson’s confirmation will be first week of March so he should be on board before March 29 board meeting

  14. KeepHopeAlive2 Says:

    story is on LIBN website at

    it’s pretty bad for the big guy. LOL

  15. RonniefromRockland Says:

    why did Kessel keep the board in the dark when Kessel hired all these Long Island people, gave them raises and promoted them? Shouldnt the board be in the loop and approve these things? NYPA boards always did in the past

    • farandaway Says:

      Keep in mind, Patterson was governor, and with his ethics, moral, competence, and in one particular case criminal(s) on his staff, it’s no surpise the Whale showed up, birds of the feather ….

  16. LIBNReader Says:

    The LIBN story mysteriously disappeared from the site but here’s a brief snippet that should alarm Kessel. in it, Sen Maziarz is quoted as saying that he has suspected foul play for some time and that he plans to hold hearings and have Kessel testify about NYPA’s charitable contributions, hiring practices and NYPA public hearings. this should be fun

  17. RealityCheck Says:

    Hey Richie Admirer check today’s story on which is very damning. If the LI papers have given upon Kessel he’s in a heap of trouble

  18. AlbanyPowerGal Says:

    legislative staff in both houses say Kessel and troop were saying that Dyson is a great man but that he is too old and tired to be both Chair and CEO and that he needs Kessel to run the shop. unbelievably, that’s what they’re told people in Albany when they were there this week

  19. used and abused Says:

    RichieAdmirer, Do no harm huh? I don’t believe you even work for NYPA. Here’s how Kessel can go out head high like a man or slink away like a scolded child. Get very tough in the contract negotiations. Very tough, Wisconsin tough. The time is right. Tick you off a bit Niagara Hawk?, good. Recalculate the budget to allow proper operations and maintenance of the facilities. Hire a new independent IG and risk assessment officer. Reallocate WPO resources to the sites. That’s where the money comes from. That’s where the benefit of employment should be. None of this will happen because the man is a bully, coward, thief and quite possibly a criminal. PS: don’t hold your breath waiting for Prince Andrew to do anything. Just like dad we may end up with an SDF again. Geez.

    • Phil Mihiney Says:

      As long as Governors can treat NYPA as their personal playgrounds and appoint unqualified people to high paying jobs you will never have an “independant” IG. You will always get someone like Pataki’s personal valet who pretended to be a professional but was actually a corrupt, evil person who did as much or more damage to NYPA as the Whale. He too was a bully, coward and thief who no doubt WAS a criminal too. I agree, Prince Andrew will do nothing now that the elections are over. Politicians always talk the talk but rarely if ever walk the walk. When they open their mouths nothing but lies come out. They are so corrupt they don’t even try to hide it anymore, that is how arrogant they are. So we shouldn’t be surprised when their appointees act just like they do. But we don’t have to accept it, keep fighting the good fight Mr. Marlin!!

    • Niagara Hawk Says:

      Don’t forget one thing, the WPO building does not produce a single megawatt. NYPA has no business being in commercial real estate. Everytime I vist the WPO, there are more commercial tenants walking in the lobby than NYPA employees. It is time to sell the building and move everyone to the Niagara Project. The proceeds from the sale of the building can be used to lower the electric rates for the NYPA customers. Had Roger remained head of NYPA, he would have sold the WPO building but instead Kessel and his gang came in and the disaster continues. The Zeltman gang and the Carey gang were also no better. Don’t forget that Zeltman used millions of NYPA money to upgrade the electrical system of Saranac Lake because he owns a vacation home in the town. Zeltman also used NYPA money to sponsor a ski trip to help a congressman friend raise campaign funds. The Kessel gang of thieves are very toxic but I would rank them slightly less destructive than the previous gang of thieves.

      • ResistanceIsFutile Says:

        Could it be that the income from the prime real estate is already helping to offset the lost revenue from the low river flows, donations to NYS, and Long Island?

        You are correct that WPO does not generate a single watt. It never has and never will. That’s because we have centralized departments for legal, project management, engineering, R&D, Marketing, IT, HR etc. so that it doesn’t have to be replicated at each site.

        Moving everyone to Niagara will just have all of NYPA WPO supporting just Niagara and not Clark, BG, St. Lawrence, 500MW and the small clean power plants. There are inefficiencies in every large organization – even at Niagara. This is a given. So let’s unify our focus more on the blatant cancerous corruption which has a greater impact on NYPA’s health.

        Thank you.

  20. Callmeskeptical Says:

    hey Richie Admirer what part of Long Island are you from?

  21. WhattheHeck? Says:

    Hey Richie Admirer–are you nuts? Kessel is a disaster. the people who like him like him because he has used NYPA money to buy their friendship. He will ruin this place. Stop the madness!

  22. RichieAdmirer Says:

    I work in WPO and think you all are being too hard on Richie. He’s always pleasant and maybe he isnt an energy expert but he doesnt hurt anyone. Let him serve another year or two. What’s the harm? he has been fair to the unions and the upstate mayors love him for all the playgrounds he has paid for and local fairs he has sponsored. Lighten up on the big guy.

    • Niagara Hawk Says:

      RichieAdmirer – Why is Kessel giving more money to community groups in Long Island than in Niagara? The Flynn Plant produces 165 megawatts and the Niagara Project produces 2,000 megawatts. Where is our fair share of NYPA money? The shelves of the food banks in our towns and villages are bare because of the high unemployment rate and our children are leaving town in order to find a job.

  23. Aghast Says:

    Thanks for this blog. I work in WPO and everyone reads it and your scoops are the talk of the office. Your blog and the hope for a better, more competent day get us through each day. Bless you

  24. hawk Says:

    I have seen Sharon speak,as much as I hate to give credit because of opposing views. she’s actually intelligent, she was there before Kessel, she might be one of the few that got hired with an ounce of knowledge.
    Sara is their atty, don’t know about Vinny. The rest are retreads

    • No Fan Of Kessel Says:

      You’re kidding, right? She’s completely connected to Kessel and she’d be unemployed if she had to stand on her own merit.

  25. TheBorg Says:

    How long can the motley crew last now? Dyson must be working to remove The Whale, The Witch and the rest of the idiots on 16 and in Albany (and let’s not forget Feckless Frank, our amazing Union Negotiator hahahahaha)

    Pity the fools who employ them next…..

    Keep up the good work Mr Marlin. This is our only respite.

    Feels good to speak out finally.

    -Resistance is NOT futile any longer.

  26. AlbanyGal Says:

    Kessel and Fran E and Tom D and Frank R were in Albany yesterday wandering the halls lobbying one and all to keep Kessel in his sinecure

  27. NYPARealist Says:

    a certain amount of hiring incompetent friends and hacks is normal and has gone as long as this country has existed. Difference is that CEO and his crew are themselves incompetent and care ONLY about press and politics.

  28. RichieReader Says:

    Kessel brought Sharon Laudisi from, where else, LIPA. She was in charge of clean energy and renewable projects at LIPA

  29. RichieWatcher Says:

    Kessel brought Sarah Barish Strauss from, where else, LIPA. She handled enviromental liabilities there so she too could help with merging NYPA and LIPA

  30. RichieWatcher Says:

    Vinnie Frigeria was hired from Grid where he did government relations on Long Island for Keyspan and Grid. Richie hired him to do the groundwork for a NYPA and LIPA merger figuring that his local contacts would minimize LI opposition to this ridiculous idea.

  31. Phil Mihiney Says:

    When will the madness end!!! Come on Governor Andy and AG Eric!! Do something about this blatant corruption and ineptitude. The elections are over, now do what you promised and what the people elected you to do, clean up this filth!! Keep up the good fight Mr. Marlin, we at NYPA are counting on you.

  32. Niagara Hawk Says:

    Since Judith McCarthy came to the NYPA Law Group from the office of State AG under Cuomo, then she can start an investigation of Kessel and if Kessel tries to intimidate her, then she can call Gov. Cuomo or the new AG to file charges against Kessel for obstructing an investigation. Also, does the ethics VP at NYPA work for Judith McCarthy? Shouldn’t Joe be investigating Kessel in light of the revelations uncovered by Mr. Marlin or is he on the take like some of the past senior management hacks. Should Gov. Cuomo investigate why Kessel continue to run the Astoria Plant at night when the electric price is lower than the fuel price resulting in avoidable losses which is being charged to the SENY customers. I am told that the other generators in Queens cycle off at night to avoid losing money. Is Kessel that unimformed about the electric industry and is only interested in giving NYPA money to Long Island organizations to buy publicity? Incidentally, what does Sharon Laudisi, Sarah Barish-Strauss and Vinnie Frigeria do for NYPA? Maybe they should be included in the next FOIL to determine how they landed jobs at NYPA and are those jobs needed in the first place. Don’t forget that their salaries and benefits are included in the electric rates that NYPA charges to its customers and NYPA customers deserve a break because NYPA is owned by the citizens of the State of New York and is not a private company owned by Kessel and his hacks. Senior managers who are not corrupt should show some guts and tell Kessel to stop the corruption and incompetence. These senior managers should remember that they are public servants and are not harem girls of Kessel.

    • ResistanceIsFutile Says:

      Hawk, you raise several philosophical questions in your enlightening writeup:

      1. If the ethics guy is looking the other way, does that constitute “being on the take”?
      2. Is nepotism illegal? (apparently not since it’s been practiced by many CEOs before Kessel, just not so blatantly)
      3. Senior managers vs. guts? That’s an oxymoron.

      • Niagara Hawk Says:

        I have never spent a single day in law school but isn’t deliberate ignorance a type fraud inflicted upon NYPA customers who pay all the NYPA salaries and benefits. If the ethics czar ignores the obvious corruption of the Kessel gang of thieves or any of the previous gang of thieves, isn’t the ethics czar guilty of fraud?

    • farandaway Says:

      Hawk, don’t forget that wizards that Kessel brought in didn’t need qualifications to fill their positions, they just have to do what Kessel says and breath. And least we forget, Kessel was brought in by a incompetent, corrupt, unethical and morally challenged Gov. Patterson, and as we know birds of the feather flock ….

      • ResistanceIsFutile Says:

        Q: Why did the Chief Risk guy lose his job, but the Ethics guy didn’t?

        A: He who looks and turns away, shall come to work another day 🙂

        Fokkers, Kessel, Ethics, Gil should all be kicked out and forced to do community service for all they’ve done to ruin a one proud company.

  33. KesselWatchReader Says:

    At the December 2010 board meeting, Kessel distributed a list of his Key Activities for October, November and December. A quick review of those 14 events (not a lot of key activity for the CEO of NYPA for three months) is instructive. Of those 14 events, a total of 6 or 42% were on Long Island, 2 or 14% were in New York City and the remainder were: 4 or 28% upstate, 1 outside the United States and 1 at an undisclosed location. So, for three months, the CEO of NYPA spent 56% of his time on Key Activities on Long Island or in the City. He makes $400,000 for this?

  34. WestchesterCPA Says:

    NYPA’s net income for the ten months ended October 31, 2010, was $168.5 million which was about $81 million lower than the budget and nearly $59 million below 2010. In addition to Kessel giving away NYPA’s money, NYPA’s business is under stress. Hydro flows and sales are down. Plus Kessel runs the place

  35. used and abused Says:

    A very wise, respected and now retired NYPA employee once told me that because of our hydro base and exceptional peaking capacity only a complete idiot could lose money for NYPA. He was right.

  36. Hopeful555 Says:

    To Gov Cuomo–there are two vacancies on the NYPA board after Dyson replaces Townsend. Please fill them with adults from upstate capable of policing Kessel

  37. FanofGil Says:

    Gil always provides a professional report to the NYPA board (which is included with the minutes) with detailed data about NYPA’s operations and results. Kessel on the other hand talks with enthusiasm about his meetings with the press and other luminaries but provides no detail or dollar amounts or financial effect about the many projects he is working on without adult supervision involving the commitment of literally billions of dollars over decades and decades. This is insane. A link to the December minutes, the latest available, is here.

    Click to access December.pdf

    • Niagara Hawk Says:

      FanofGil – Didn’t Gil create two phony jobs for Victoria, who wisely left for California and Brian who is still trying to fake his way around by memorizing NYISO acronyms? I think Mr. Marlin should also FOIL the Gil hacks and determine if Gil should reimburse the NYPA customers for the avoidable expenses incurred as a result of the two phony jobs.

      • No Fan Of Kessel Says:

        Agreed. Gil is a cancer as well. You’re also forgetting about “Green Queen” Jen Becker as a Gil hire – like Victoria, she worked with Gil at NYC EDC. The Green Queen gets to spend most of her days “working” out of the NY Office – God forbid she has to actually take a train to commute to work like the rest of us.

  38. WatchingwithRegret Says:

    The HQ headcount numbers are intentionally understated because Kessel and crew have lots of people doing PR and government relations and charging them to our facilities so the HQ headcount number looks a lot smaller than it is. Don’t be fooled

  39. WatchingwithRegret Says:

    Oppressed Egyptians had Tahrir Square in order to voice their opposition to Mubarak. Now, the oppressed at NYPA have this blog. With luck we too shall soon be set free. Thanks Mr Marin

  40. FanofGil Says:

    In the minutes of one of the recent board meetings, in December 2010, poor Gil said that he had “several discussions” with Richie on the budget. Gil made it sound like he had talked with some distant, unapproachable figure like the President of the United States or even Simon Cowell on the Idol and not his boss, the CEO of NYPA, who presumably would have his sleeves rolled up and be fully immersed in the budget. But when press is your goal, budgets aren’t a lot of fun. It’s also tough when the boss doesnt spend a lot time in the office or working for that matter

  41. ChecktheNumbers Says:

    Kessel’s first two years have been a disaster for NYPA. In 2009, his first ful year, operating results were $55 million WORSE than the budget (actually $68 million WORSE in operating income before Kessel’s generous contribution to the State). In 2010, operating results were approximately $127 million WORSE than the budget. God knows what will happen in 2011. NYPA is a large, complex, important organization that Kessel has no ability to run. Plus, add GLOW and Hudson River Transmission and 100MW of solar projects and the things he hasn’t even shared with the board, we will soon get a warning shot from one of the rating agencies. Just look at what he did to LIPA.

  42. CallMeBaffled Says:

    at a critical time over a five month period from October 26, 2010 to March 29, 2011, our board will have met only twice. We have serious financial and operating issues, huge projects with huge risks and the charitable contributions scandal but the board and Kessel think that two meetings for nearly half the year is ok. Unbelievable

  43. WPOGal Says:

    Tom Dejesu is Kessel’s toady who takes care of the charitable contribution stuff on LI and elsewhere around the state

  44. CallMeBaffled Says:

    here’s more. Kessel is such a good manager he holds fewer board meetings. In 2002, there were 12 board meetings; 2003, 11 board meetings; 2004, 11 board meetings; 2005, 12 board meetings; 2006, 11 board meetings; 2007, 12 board meetings; 2008, 13 board meetings.
    But in 2009, Kessel’s first full year at NYPA, only 9 board meetings with no meetings in August or November and the Oct meeting was cancelled. In 2010, Kessel’s second full year, there were only 10 meetings with no meeting in August or November.
    So far this year, Kessel has cancelled the February meeting. What gives here?

    • ResistanceIsFutile Says:

      Maybe he’s on hiatus. Just watch the old board meeting videos like I do. Every one of them is a re-run of his latest travel experiences in NYS….

  45. CallMeBaffled Says:

    at a time when NYPA needs board oversight more than ever, there will be no February board meeting prior to finalization of financials for the first time perhaps ever. Our website says there have been Feb board meetings every year at least as far back as 1994. No IG, no general counsel, but a board member who becomes an employee over the weekend, somnolent board except for the Judge. This is all very worrisome. Doesn’t the board care?

  46. huh? Says:

    NYPA financials for last year are being prepared and there’s no meeting of trustees in Feb? Last year KPMG letter was dated March 12. This is all very strange

  47. NassauHackette Says:

    Kessel has been called on carpet by second floor and has coughed up real list of charitable contributions to them. That’s the list you need to get and post. More Long Island love with NYPA money. Good luck to you

  48. disgusted Says:

    If Cuomo said giving public money away to Kessel’s friends at LIPA was illegal and he did it anyway at NYPA he should personally pay all the LI donations back or else

  49. PASNYOldster Says:

    Folks in accounting in WPO say Kessel and his staff created a secret list of charitable contributions including a number made outside board policy which includes donations not disclosed to you. This longer list which includes more Long Island organizations was given to senior people in Albany. Kessel’s run of luck may soon be over. please do another FOIL.

  50. AlbanyWatcher Says:

    Senate Energy committee approved bill last Tuesday to require PASNY board to include reps from Niagara & St Lawrence Counties. Since PASNY makes all its money in those two Counties this should have been done long ago. Thank you George Maziarz

  51. colleague 1.0 Says:

    Gee…didn’t know this…no wonder The Whale made the first chief risk guy the first person he and Gil Q threw under the bus. he had already squaked about things going on….so under the bus he went.

  52. SmallTownLawyer Says:

    so Kessel knew exactly what he was doing when he wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars to help his friends on the Island. Outrageous

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