The Kessel NYPA Watch, February 7, 2011 – By George J. Marlin

Kessel Uses Public Money to Buy Long Island Love, Part 2

Richard Kessel, current CEO and President, has a lot of explaining to do.  Here are two issues that challenge even his verbosity.

If the Attorney General in 2007 with respect to public authorities generally and the State Inspector General last year with regard to Battery Park City Authority acted aggressively to halt improper sponsorships and charitable contributions unrelated to the business of the public authority donor, why isn’t what was done with NYPA public funds over the last two years, worse in both dollar amount and lack of business purpose?  Isn’t awarding public money to favored hometown causes when the State is “functionally bankrupt” according to our new Governor and the jobs of thousands of State workers hang in the balance just wrong, and indefensible and possibly criminal?

Next, if Kessel misled his board, the public and the Governor that appointed him and violated board policy and stonewalled a FOIL request for nearly six months because he feared releasing the truth, why would anyone trust him or his senior Long Island staff on the Great Lakes Offshore Wind Project or on the Hudson River Transmission Project or on solar installations?  If he is willing to evade the law and board policy on issues like responsibly using public money, why should anyone believe that far greater amounts of money on projects having impact for decades and decades have been done responsibly and in accordance with law?

Finally, Street Corner Conservative notes the recent surge in reader comments, both those published here and those by readers who have provided information but asked not to be published.  As before, all such requests will be honored in full.  To both sets of readers, Street Corner extends its gratitude.

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13 Comments on “The Kessel NYPA Watch, February 7, 2011 – By George J. Marlin”

  1. NYPA Newbie Says:

    Does anyone know why there is no Trustee meeting this month of February? I thought the Trsustees were to meet every month to address authority business. Also does anyone know if non-union employees are going to get raises this year? My manager does not know anything and his boss knows less than my supervisor. It seems that managers and directors are afraid of saying anything except to say that there is a website that talks about NYPA. Is it always like this at NYPA? I feel like I am working for a Mubarak owned power company. No one can talk about NYPA except through the internet blogs. Other employees tell me that Dyson was once good for NYPA but now is being sent by the new governor to merge NYPA with other state agencies like NYSERDA and LIPA and reduce staff that is not represented by a union because LIPA operates by hiring National Grid to do most of the staff work. Is it time to look for work with Con Ed or Astoria Energy?

    • ResistanceIsFutile Says:

      Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings Newbie, but you are seeing the manifestation of decades of NYPA “policy” even before meeting the FOKKERS.

      NYPA used to claim that their Succession Planning program would help NYPA adapt to the future. Then because it was clandestine, they revamped it with a “new, improved, open version” several years ago to groom “candidates” for promotion. Then came the dark ages of wage freeze and Kessel personally approving all promotions rule. And yet, Kessel’s kronies somehow managed to jump to the front of the line and take juicy positions because they had their own succession planning (knowing Richie).

      Look around Newbie – who’s your mentor? What’s your future? Who knows enough about the big picture to groom you for longevity at NYPA? What happened to the people in charge of Succession Planning? My intern once asked me why I stick around when there’s no promotion, raises, and better money to be made with my skills elsewhere. Exec management has always had the attitude that we are lucky to have jobs here and if we don’t like it… leave. Those that can, do.

      No one talks about NYPA at NYPA because they still “shoot the messenger” and report it to (un)Ethics Mr. Grizz-low. This site is the only place where NYPA freedom of speech is actually practiced.
      Thank you Mr. Marlin continuing this valuable forum.

  2. NiagaraNan Says:

    Sen Maziarz says he’s not running for Congress. PASNY hearings cant be far behind. Put Kessel under oath and let’s get started

  3. NiagaraNan Says:

    Word is that Sen Maziarz may run for seat of Congressman Lee who just resigned. I just hope he drives Kessel out first and holds hearings on PASNY amd Kessel

  4. Jerry Houser Says:


    I always enjoy your comments on Fred Dicker’s show. However, this morning, you kept on referring to “Obamacare”. That’s not the name of the law. Please refer to it by it real name.

    Thank you.

  5. aintthisasurprise Says:

    Newsday reports that Kessel overcharged LIPA ratepayers by $231M when he was there and then split

  6. PASNYOldtimer Says:

    When will Dyson be confirmed so this organization can again move forward?

  7. JustAskin Says:

    Has Schneiderman asked for info about charitable contributions?

  8. JustAskin Says:

    Has Schneiderman called about charitable contribution scandal?

  9. STL Worker Says:

    Can you believe it has gotten to this? The talk at work every day is not about MW and electricity. It is about whether or not our CEO will be in prison soon.

    Mr. Marlin needs to be commended. I have been faithfully reading the Kessel articles on this site for a long while. Mr. Marlin has never said anything about Kessel that isn’t true. That alone should lead to his dismissal.

    Richie, if you or one of your hacks is reading this, I want you to think back to your visit to Massena in the summer of 2010. Remember when they had a “Meet and Greet” on the observation deck at STL. It was supposed to allow employees to “meet” the CEO. Do you remember sitting by yourself, on a beautiful summer day, sweating in your 3XXXL gray suit? NO ONE from the plant talked to you. Not even management employees who are usually coerced into talking to people like you. You were ignored. You have no respect from anyone in our company. And apparently, the politicians and reporters feels the same way.

    Give it up. See if Vinnie, Weise, Carey or one of the other ex-crooked NYPA Senior Managers can get you a job in their new circle of work. Or ask someone in our ethics office get you some work. They should be looking for some soon too.

  10. Robbie235 Says:

    Kessel had bylaws amended last year to end terms for NYPA officers. I assume he didnt want new Chair to have a specific date on which his CEO term of office would end. But NYPA board can fire him at any time. That’s reassuring

  11. BytheBook Says:

    PASNY by-laws (art III, sect 2) say next annual meeting of trustees is March 29. There’s no board meeting before then. PASNY CEO no longer has term of office which means Kessel can be removed at any meeting but it would be better to get him out before March 29. Dyson must move quickly. Isnt it odd that organization like PASNY doesnt meet every month. Seems real odd to me. Good luck to all PASNY friends this year

  12. PaSNYOldtimer Says:

    Amen, Brother Marlin.

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