The Kessel NYPA Watch, December 6, 2009 – By George J. Marlin

Kessel Asides

Long-time observers of Richie Kessel will remember that after being fired by then Governor Eliot Spitzer as CEO of LIPA in early 2007, Kessel was casting about for another government gig.  Before our accidental Governor, David Paterson, appointed him to NYPA in October 2008, Kessel had serious discussions with Nassau County Executive Thomas Suozzi who reportedly agreed to appoint Kessel as Deputy County Executive for “local government consolidation” or somesuch.  Kessel is believed to have held the Suozzi offer as insurance against striking out with Paterson.  The inept Paterson did not disappoint our Richie.

Faithful readers know that Street Corner Conservative believes that the next Governor of the Empire State (assuming it is not the hapless Paterson) will once again give Kessel his walking papers. That’s no surprise.

But what is new is the results of the recent Nassau County elections, Kessel’s home county.  Last month, after running an arrogant and careless campaign spending more time over the months in Buffalo than Bethpage and more time with the Watertown Times than with the Anton weekly papers, Suozzi has lost a close election to the giantkiller, Ed Mangano.  Further, the Nassau Dems lost control of the County Legislature.  Jay Jacobs, the one time wonderkin of the Nassau Democratic Party and now State Chair of the Democratic Party, has been exposed as a summer camp director who rode the anti-Gulotta sentiment to control of the County and now is no longer seen as the political wizard behind the screen.

The bottom line is that should our next Governor again send Richie to the showers, he will find no soft landing working for Suozzi or the Democratic majority in the Legislature.


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2 Comments on “The Kessel NYPA Watch, December 6, 2009 – By George J. Marlin”

  1. Victoria Says:

    At our all hands meetings Kessel has the nerve to tell all of his employees at NYPA that he is very happy with his salary, while knowing that we have not gotten a raise this year. But all of his cronies have gotten raises from 7% to 10% for his people from Long Island. The loyal NYPA employees that have been here for years get nothing. Kessel recently took down our HR VP and transfered her to a job she knows nothing about to give her job to Rocco.


  2. NYPASerf Says:

    Kessel tells everyone in WPO that he worked for “Mario” for many years and played basketball with the Governor and knows this one and that one and is very good friends with “Andrew” and that he is staying on for another 8 years after Paterson goes. I guess he convinced the former Tax Collector of that because the guy gave up elective office to work for Kessel.

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