Suozzi’s Nassau Miracle, R.I.P. – By George J. Marlin

This commentary I wrote, Marlin:  Suozzi’s Nassau Miracle, R.I.P.,  appears on the Long Island Business News web site.

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One Comment on “Suozzi’s Nassau Miracle, R.I.P. – By George J. Marlin”

  1. Carl Todd Says:


    The way the politicians give us a double screwing when they claim they are reducing our property taxes is:

    1. Selling our plant and equipment to private companies at a fraction of their replacement value to cover budget shortages by using the sound bite that “Private industrial is more efficient” leaving out the give away on the sale price and the fact the private company is not buying these plants as do-gooders and now will add in an unregulated profit for the service fees.

    2. The real estate taxes to operate the plants and equipment are income tax deductable the fees are not for non-business users – that are most of us.

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