Time for a Mangano tax revolt in Nassau County – By George J. Marlin

This commentary I wrote, Marlin:  Time for a Mangano tax revolt in Nassau County,  appears on the Long Island Business News web site.

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One Comment on “Time for a Mangano tax revolt in Nassau County – By George J. Marlin”

  1. DisgustedConservative Says:

    It is a disgrace that the Nassau Conservative Party is in the hands of charlatans such as Roger “Railbird” Bogsted and Steve “Suits” Hansen. Bogsted for the second election in a row selected a non-entity solely to draw votes away from Bogsted’s boss Suozzi. Bogsted promised attacks on Suozzi on social issues. None came. Bogsted promised that Suits Hansen would drive home the abortion issue. Nothing. In the debates and in his League of Women Voters blurb, Suits Hansen only talked about solar energy. If you live in Nassau, vote for Eddie Mangano–the true Conservative in the race.
    Thanks, Street Corner.

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