Rudy Giuliani Embarrasses Roman Catholic Church at Pope’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral Mass – By George J. Marlin

When the thrice married Rudy Giuliani was asked after Pope Benedict’s St. Patrick’s Catholic Mass if, “he was uncomfortable with having broken the Church ban on the divorced and remarried receiving Communion,” Rudy Giuliani answered, “No.”

What arrogance!  In the presence of the Pope, Giuliani declares he is above the rules of the Roman Catholic Church.

Rudy Giuliani knows better – he was well trained in the basics of the Catholic faith at Bishop Loughlin High School and Manhattan College.  He knows that he is prohibited from receiving Communion because of his marital status.

There’s more:  Giuliani also knows his pro-abortion, pro-partial birth abortion, pro-funding of abortion stands separates him from the Roman Catholic Church.

Four years ago, Pope Benedict made the Church’s position crystal clear in the document he authored “Worthiness to Receive Holy Communion – General Principles.”  In that statement, then Cardinal Ratzinger succinctly described the obligations of lay Catholics and the “ministers of Holy Communion.”  Ratzinger described numerous situations when a priest would have no alternative but to deny communion, and he directed priests to meet privately with any Catholic who publicly supports abortion and euthanasia laws, and to offer instruction in Church teaching.  The pastor’s job is to inform the public servant “that he is not to present himself for Holy Communion until he brings to an end the objective situation of sin and warning him that he will otherwise be denied the Eucharist.”  Ratzinger also explained that a priest who denies communion is not judging the condition of the individual’s soul and “is reacting to the person’s public unworthiness to receive Holy Communion due to an objective situation of sin.”

The final question:  Why was Giuliani even invited to St. Patrick’s?  After all, the Pope’s Mass was specifically celebrated for the Catholic clergy and religious of the region – not politicians.

The answer:  Got me.

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4 Comments on “Rudy Giuliani Embarrasses Roman Catholic Church at Pope’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral Mass – By George J. Marlin”

  1. Joseph Mackin, Jr. Says:

    Let us answer our Lady of Fatima by praying the Rosary daily, for ourselves, fellow Catholics, and the conversion of non-Catholics. We live in very confusing and trying times, the flame of true Faith is dwindling. Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, please restore the Church and stregthen the Holy Father.

    Our Lady of Fatima, Pray for Us
    St. Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church, Pray for Us
    St. Pius X, Pray for Us

  2. Carol Mckinley Says:

    The last five years of terror and buffoonery from the proaborts all backfired on them.

    Our efforts now must focus on Wuerl.

  3. Nancy said it very nicely! We all have contributed to the decay of our society!
    We can pray and do penance, however we must have clergy that are not hirings.
    The Church must influence society, not society dictating to the church changes that justify man’s sinful state. There are only a handful of faithful Bishops in this country:Babylon the Great. The entertainment show that was put on for His Holiness, shows the depth of contempt that the local Bishops have for the Pope. All you have to do is READ what His Holiness has written regarding the Music and Liturgy of the Church and NO ONE would have put on that sad show as a Mass of the Holy Roman Catholic Church! You want Vocations, then go back to respect and reverence of the Latin Mass. Be Obedient to Rome and the Scriptures and Doctrines of the Church.
    God will destroy Babylon for Abortions and Homosexual Behavior!
    Look at all the Cafeteria Catholics and how they can vote for the Democratic Party with its agenda of Death and Hatred. Yes, God does need to pour out His Mercy on this country. Even Senator Boxer would not let the resolution for the Pope go through Congress with a life reference in the resolution. Babylon is a country that has NO MORALS, No Integrity, No love.
    It will be interesting to see Fatima fulfilled. Russia will march across Europe and God will chastise the world with the 3 days of darkness!!!

  4. Nancy - Sacramento Says:

    Guiliani is the catholic of today. Unrepentent and so very unaware of his sins and the danger he is in. Refusing to repent or acknowledge your sins causes your own denial and so you become spiritually blind and literally refusing God. We all are living this way in our own degree.
    The church of today is blind herself, do not fault her, she is made up of we sinners. She is not shepherding the flock well, so many souls like Guiliani will be lost to eternal death. What think you became of the famous names that died this and last month? This life is short but eternity is long. I pray some eyes are opened when they see the sins of Guiliani they turn to their own heart and repent their own sins to save their own soul. This is a serious situation we all are in. Pray! Sacred Heart of Jesus Have Mercy on Us.

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