Governor Spitzer, Cardinal Egan and the Feminists – By George J. Marlin

Throughout his political career, Eliot Spitzer relentlessly promoted the feminist movement’s agenda.

To curry their favor, as attorney general, he harassed pro-life health clinics and broke up prostitution rings.  At press conferences he described call girl operations as a “scourge,” as “egregious,” an “abuse of young women,” and a “systematic exploitation and suppression of young women that is simply unacceptable.”

As governor he introduced legislation “to enshrine the protections of Roe v. Wade in New York State law.”

The Catholic Courier recently reported that Spitzer’s radical bill, Reproduction Health and Privacy Protection Act (RHAPP), “would establish the choice to terminate a pregnancy as a protected and fundamental right, and would ensure that abortions were legal throughout all nine months of pregnancy…. It would also allow post-viability abortions to be performed outside of hospitals and on an outpatient basis in clinics…. The proposal also would eliminate the conscience protection in current law, which allow doctors and hospitals to refuse to perform abortions; medical students to refuse to lean how to perform abortions; and Catholic agencies, hospitals and schools to refuse to provide insurance coverage for abortions.”

It should be noted that since the Spitzer prostitution story broke on March 10, feminist groups have been silent.  Not one word; not even a statement of sympathy for Mrs. Spitzer and her daughters.

Meanwhile, Spitzer’s foe, the spiritual leader of New York’s Roman Catholics, Edward Cardinal Egan, who has huge policy disagreements with Spitzer and whose scheduled Monday, March 10, Albany meeting with the governor was abruptly cancelled, has not been silent.  The Cardinal said he would be “keeping the governor and his family in his prayers.”

One can only hope that Eliot Spitzer grasps the irony.

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