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George Pataki: Ground Zero Amnesia – By George J. Marlin

September 14, 2008

When asked last week if the “current delays at the World Trade Center came as a result of mistakes in his administration,” former Governor George Pataki, gave this incredulous answer:  “That’s utter nonsense!”

Frankly, his attempt at historic revisionism was utter nonsense!

In the aftermath of the 9/11 tragedy, George Pataki bet his gubernatorial legacy on the rebuilding of Ground Zero and lost.  Five years of mishaps on his watch proved the ineptitude of an administration that discarded core principles and attempted to govern by press release.  If Pataki had stood by the belief he expressed in his first term – that government should not be in the commercial real-estate business – lower Manhattan would not be referred to today as “Pataki’s Pit.”

Viewing the mess at the end of the Pataki administration, political columnist John Podhoretz declared:  “Through a poisonous combination of arrogance, indolence, cowardice and foolishness, Pataki has made sure that the crater created by al Qaeda will remain unfilled for at least nine years…. Remember, this was the most important and visible public works project in our lifetime.  Pataki didn’t bother to get it right.  He didn’t bother much at all.  His carelessness with this world-historical matter makes him unfit to serve even one more day as governor.”

As a result of his failed Ground Zero leadership, George Pataki is a national laughing stock.  All the revisionist hype in the world will not be able to paper over the Pataki administration’s mismanagement, arrogance, incompetence and corruption.

George Pataki: He’s Back Making a Fool of Himself – By George J. Marlin

September 7, 2008

Former Governor George Pataki’s political status reached a new low last week:  he attended the National Republican Convention not as a delegate but as a spectator.

Despite this humiliation, he told a gathering of New York’s delegation in Minnesota that “I’m back!  I’m getting involved!”

Back to do what?  To further destroy New York’s economy?  To further destroy New York’s Republican Party?  To further corrupt New York’s body politic?

Pataki also said he is willing to campaign for John McCain.

This is one offer that should be turned down.  Remember, in 2000 Pataki employed vicious tactics to stop McCain.  He tried to throw McCain delegates off the New York primary ballot and he approved low life media ads that falsely accused Senator John McCain of opposing breast cancer research.

All principled Republicans and Conservatives should tell this walking cadaver to climb back into his political coffin.

The Governor Pataki Museum – Vanitas Vanitatum – By George J. Marlin

August 3, 2008

George Pataki, whose insouciant leadership and administration’s mismanagement, arrogance, incompetence and corruption did enormous fiscal, economic and cultural damage to this state, has given the green light to lobbyists and vendors he enriched to finance a museum in his honor.

At the project announcement, the leader of the museum effort claimed that Pataki’s “accomplishments are very clear and I think they are most clear today.”

To best describe Governor Pataki’s accomplishments, here are my suggestions for museum exhibits:

  • A display of Pataki’s broken promises. This should include his abandoned pledges to curb Medicaid costs, unfunded state mandates, one shot fiscal gimmicks, backdoor borrowing and tax and fee increases.
  • A display describing why New York had the highest combined state and local taxes in the country when Pataki left office.
  • A display describing why New York’s business climate was rated the worst in the nation when he left office.
  • A display describing why 700 thousand people migrated from upstate New York during Pataki’s tenure to seek economic opportunities elsewhere.
  • A gallery containing photos of the 35,000 single family homes abandoned in Buffalo during Pataki’s 12 years in office.
  • A rogue’s gallery containing portraits of the big-government leeches, radical-enviros, pro-abortion leftists, corrupt lobbyists and vendors Pataki allied himself.
  • A display of Pataki’s favorite restaurant wine lists.

It was reported that Pataki was reluctant to approve the building of the shrine until he was assured it will be geared toward elementary and middle school students. This is understandable: children may be the only audience gullible enough to buy Governor Pataki’s fairy tale version of his accomplishments.

George Pataki: Delusional Ex-Governor – By George J. Marlin

June 1, 2008

This year’s Annual New York Conservative Party Dinner (its 46th) was dedicated to the memory of the father of modern conservatism and Party co-founder William F. Buckley Jr.

Speakers reminded the audience the impact Buckley had on revitalizing the Conservative movement and the importance of his 1965 New York City mayoral candidacy. A fifteen minute film depicted Buckley at his best. And the noted artist, Constance Maltese (wife of former Party chairman, State Senator Serphin Maltese) presented to National Review editor, Richard Lowry, a striking portrait of Buckley. The program was a fitting tribute.

The lamentable event – a speech by George Pataki.

In his remarks, the former governor, painted himself as the greatest conservative since Edmund Burke. Pataki claimed that on fiscal and cultural issues, he brought the Empire State to new heights. He even claimed he saved lives of unborn babies.

It appears Pataki took this page from the Bill Clinton handbook: over time, people forget one’s apostasies and accept glowing revisionism.

Well, this writer’s memory is not that short.

During his tenure as governor, George Pataki’s political expediency overwhelmed any political philosophy and “political conscience” and “political ideals” were mere slogans used to patronize conservatives.

On almost every conceivable issue Pataki attempted to please every left-wing interest group.

Here are some headlines the Pataki years generated:
– It’s Pataki, Sounding Like Cuomo; Drug Wars, Cont.: The Liberals’ Unlikely Ally (New York Times, February 5, 1995)
– Gov Where Mario Left Off; Liberal Makeover Shocks Observers (New York Post, December 26, 1999)
– Governor Pataki’s Lean to the Left (New York Times, June 6, 2001)
– Leftward Lean OK for Pataki (New York Daily News, June 27, 2001)
– How George Pataki Became a Liberal (The New Republic, June 17, 2002)
– A Governor’s Race for the Left Leaning (Buffalo News, October 10, 2002)
– Mario Pataki? (New York Post, December 20, 2002)

Fiscally: Pataki’s irresponsible spending habits were worse than Cuomo’s. Spending ÷ by inflation during the Cuomo years was 1.89 times; for Pataki’s 2.12 times. When Pataki left office in 2006, New York had the highest combined state and local taxes in the country.

The New York Post summed up Pataki’s fiscal stewardship this way: “George Pataki continues to present himself as a conservative Republican. The numbers tell a different tale about his fiscal stewardship of New York State. And it’s not a pretty story.”

Culturally: Pataki approved gay-rights, bias crime bills, restricted the medical insurance “conscience clause” for religious institutions, increased gun regulations and repudiated term limits. As for abortion, William F. Buckley Jr. said it best about the pro-choice governor – who called for the national Republicans to drop their pro-life platform plank – at the New York Conservative Party’s 40th Anniversary Dinner: “The only abortion law Governor Pataki would oppose would be one that threatened the rights of gays and lesbians.”

There was a sigh of relief throughout the state when Pataki announced on July 27, 2005 that he would not seek a fourth gubernatorial term. Here’s a few of the reactions:

The New York Post: “[H]is administration developed an air of cronyism, complete with contracts handed out to politically connected bidders, that has been breathtaking even by Albany’s terminally cynical standards.”

The New York Sun: “Still one looks in vain to discern any principle or idea that Mr. Pataki stands for consistently. It’s not fiscal restraint…. What’s left as a legacy is patronage appointments and a reputation for Mr. Pataki as the leader of a state government where lobbyists like Alfonse D’Amato are the ones with the real power. It’s a sad end of the line for the governor who once showed so much promise.”

The New York Observer: “The Pataki Administration is leaving office by paying off its friends and rewarding its donors. George Pataki has found a way to create a legacy of laziness, mediocrity and pervasive neglect of the public interest, while creating a culture in which ethical corruption has become an acceptable way of life.”

Pataki’s insouciant leadership and his administration’s mismanagement, arrogance, incompetence and corruption debased New York, crippled the Republican Party and damaged the Conservative Party.

Readers who want an accurate take on the Pataki Administration should crack open my book Squandered Opportunities: New York’s Pataki Years.

George Elmer Pataki: The Inconsequential Governor – By George J. Marlin

February 17, 2008

Three days before the New York presidential primary, The New York Times published an above the fold article titled, “As State Primary Nears, Pataki is Barely Visible.”  Rationalizing the former governor’s disappearing act, a Pataki spokesman said, “…I think he is more active with a national outlook rather than a state one.”

The real reason Pataki has become a political non-entity is that Republicans and Conservatives prefer to forget his years in office.  They are angry that fiscally, economically and culturally, Pataki sold them down the river.  They are ashamed of an administration that discarded principles and catered to enriching lobbyists, contributors and political cronies.  They are embarrassed by this gruesome Pataki record: (more…)