The Kessel NYPA Watch, January 7, 2010 – By George J. Marlin

Special State of the State Edition

 Happy Days are Here Again!

The long and storied history of the Power Authority has been written by great men such as Robert Moses and John Dyson under the leadership of Governors such as Al Smith, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Tom Dewey, Hugh Carey and Mario Cuomo.

Sadly, the leadership of NYPA has been recently debased and reached new lows as its current CEO and President has dismantled what was once one of the greatest public utilities in the nation and incurred the ire of customers, elected officials and NYPA’s workforce.

But the inauguration of Governor Andrew Cuomo has brought new hope to the customers of NYPA and taxpayers of the State. Yesterday, Governor Cuomo announced that he had nominated John Dyson for another term as NYPA board member. Dyson’s nomination is subject to Senate confirmation but that is expected to be pro forma.

After talking with its correspondents in Albany, White Plains and Long Island, here’s what Street Corner Conservative foresees—

First, Dyson, a former NYPA Chair who has held many important posts in the US Army, and State and New York City governments, surely did not accept the Governor’s offer to be just another board member. We expect that Dyson will be named NYPA Chair next month.

Street Corner believes that Kessel was able to thwart the gullible Governor Paterson from appointing Dyson during Paterson’s thankfully completed term. In fact, Kessel was able to convince Paterson to make a holdover Pataki appointee NYPA Chair. Kessel pushed Paterson to install the Pataki holdover knowing that a grateful Michael Townsend would not question his hijinks.

Second, Street Corner believes that Kessel, who was spotted in Albany Wednesday—the day of Governor Cuomo’s first State of the State address—leaving the Governor’s office, was informed that Dyson was coming in and Richie would soon leave.

If as Street Corner expects, this happy news is soon confirmed, the promise of the new Cuomo Administration will be bright indeed for NYPA.

Street Corner invites its correspondents to send in information on what may be the last days of the Kessel reign.


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49 Comments on “The Kessel NYPA Watch, January 7, 2010 – By George J. Marlin”

  1. dennis king Says:

    time to have mr dyson finally manage the power authority like he did before and clean house.

  2. laughoutloud Says:

    I add to ResistanceisFutile’s list the following nomination:

    The NYPA Board for “Sleepless in White Plains” for slumbering in the face of on-coming Kessel disaster.

    Very well done Resistance

    • ResistanceIsFutile Says:

      To Laughoutloud, I like it!

      Also, excuse the errata in my first nomination. I meant to say “Worst Actor Award: R. Kessel in ‘DESPICABLE ME!’

  3. NYPAManager Says:

    Word is that NYPA labor negotiations are being handled by one of the LI crew without any experience in collective bargaining. Richie wanted to give out raises but second floor held him back. But he is making things up to his labor friends by having people hired at various facilities whether they are needed or not. The board should check on community relations hires and all new hires since July of last year. what they will find is shocking

  4. pasnylifer Says:

    Word in office from Long Island crew is that Dyson and Kessel will soon be meeting. That should be very interesting.

  5. ResistanceIsFutile Says:

    With so many “actors” at NYPA pretending to earn an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work, I nominate the following for Golden Raspberry Awards and Golden Globes this weekend:

    Worst Actor Award for failing miserably to live up to the title of a movie:
    R. Kessel for “Incredible Me”

    Worst Supporting Cast Award:
    Kessel’s LIPA cronies and political friends collecting salaries at NYPA in “Little Fockers”

    Worst Actress Award in a Starring Role:
    EVP and Chief of Staff Francine Evans in “Black Swan”

    Lifetime Achievement Award:
    NYPA employees continuing to work and keep NYPA’s reputation intact in “Braveheart”

    Worst Actor Award for leaving a sinking ship in search of greener pastures:
    R. Kessel (again) for “Gulliver’s Travels”

    Best Actor Award for restoring the good name of a proud institution:
    John Dyson in “TRON: Legacy”

  6. hopefulinwhiteplains Says:

    I hope Dyson brings back an internal IG. I’m sure a careful look at senior management’s actions over the last several years will reveal frightful actions.

  7. FaithfulReader Says:

    Here’s what Mario Cuomo said about Kessel some years ago: “I lost contact with Richie Kessel, who somehow was able to swim the political rapids from the Democratic side to the Republican side.”
    This speaks for itself.

  8. InquiringMinds Says:

    Word out of White Plains is that your FOIL requests have been delayed because they cause Kessel real heartburn and he wanted to delay till he was safe at NYPA. No such luck

  9. JoeyBagofDonuts Says:

    Water cooler conversation in White Plains is that Kessel’s demise ends the ridiculous idea of merging PASNY and LIPA. Kessel was pushing this so he could return to the Island as the conquering hero. Skelos and the upstate senators are against this too. Wonder how much money was wasted on this one.

  10. LIHistorian Says:

    Does anyone out there know what Mario Cuomo said about Kessel when he abandoned Mario and went to work for Pataki?

  11. syossetsue Says:

    A friend just told me that the wife of one of the Long Island guys Kessel brought to NYPA is also on LIPA board. Maybe he will go back to LIPA.

  12. syossetsue Says:

    Somebody here referred to D’Amato’s book. Book says one of LIPA trustees is one of D’Amato’s closest friends. Maybe Al will put Richie back at LIPA.

  13. Sally246 Says:

    Newsday reported that LIPA has three candidates for CEO. I assume new Governor will want a say. Kessel will whine and may try to reclaim his old patronage job. Here’s link to Newsday

  14. JoeyBagofDonuts Says:

    One of the Long Island crew said that while Kessel is getting the boot from NYPA once Dyson is in charge that Richie is trying to get some other job in the Administration. This guy nver goes away. Maybe they will all go back to LIPA

  15. NiagaraGal Says:

    The GOP announced its members on Senate Energy Committee. In addition to our Sen George Maziarz as Chair there are six other GOP members but only one downstater, Sen Fuschillo from Long Island. Senator Alesi from Rochester is also on the Energy Comm. More bad news for Kessel.

  16. nypacareergal Says:

    Word is that NYPA senior staff in White Plains hasn’t seen Kessel in weeks.

  17. BlenheimBob Says:

    Another Long Island speaking opportunity for Kessel: A group called CDC is having Kessel speak on March 14 in Stony Brook. I presume that Kessel will show up with a large cardboard check payable to Long Island. This could be the last speaking engagement for Kessel as NYPA CEO.

  18. NiagaraGal Says:

    I wonder whether Sen Maziarz who hates Kessel and has beat him up at every opportunity will ask Mr Dyson and other NYPA nominees at the Senate hearing whether and when they will fire Richie. Should be a good show.

  19. broketaxpayer Says:

    How many LI exiles from NYPA will John Kaiman be able to hire? Will he take back Rocco I who left his Receiver of Tax gig for greener pastures in White Plains? With Suozzi out there are fewer hiding places for out of work Dem hacks

  20. NYPABlogger Says:

    Don Glynn, a columnist for the Niagara Gazette wrote that the appointment of Dyson is a good thing for the North Country. See link below.

    That’s a big contrast to the criticism that Paterson’s appointment of Kessel generated two years ago

  21. KesselVigil Says:

    There are two vacancies right now on NYPA board and Kessel pal Townsend’s term expires in May. Welcome Mr Dyson

  22. KesselWatcher Says:

    Kessel got a pass from Paterson’s IG for violating state law for holding two jobs at LIPA. He had previously been slapped by Hevesi for using public money to do political polling. Cuomo’s IG who is a smart tough lawyer may not be so forgiving. It will be interesting to see what Steet Corner gets for its FOIL

  23. AmateurNYPALawyer Says:

    Kessel can be removed at any time. Here is what NYPA bylaws say:

    Section 3. Term Of Office

    The President and Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Operating Officer, the Executive Vice President and General Counsel, the Corporate Secretary, the Executive Vice President and Chief Engineer – Power Supply, the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, the Executive Vice President – Energy Marketing and Business Development and the Executive Vice President – Chief Administrative Officer and Chief of Staff shall each hold office until his or her successor is chosen and qualified or until his or her earlier removal, resignation or death.

  24. NiagaraGal Says:

    Sen Skelos announced today that our own Sen George Maziarz will chair the Senate Energy Committee in Albany. Sen M has been a strong advocate on upstate energy issues and will make sure that once Kessel is gone the guy is gone. This is great news for consumers and upstate businesses and bad news for this Long Island hack.

  25. watchinNYPA Says:

    Now can I get a raise! Are the sites as happy as us Kessel is gone? I hope so. I know with St.Law firing the Iraq veteran with no reason the Union has to hate Kessel too.
    In fact, if he was any kind of a President, he would have stood up for a war hero and told the site reps to stand down! Ooh-Rah

  26. upstatepasny Says:

    In the North Country, word is that Kessel’s primary supporter won’t be able to help with our new Chair Dyson. D’Amato wrote a book called Pasta and Politics in which he called Dyson a dumb rich guy.

    • watchinNYPA Says:

      Is it true about the Iraq Vet? The city is buzzing down here by the Veteran groups. They are planning a rally at St.Law to protest the firing. I wish it was bike season and watch 3,000 motorcycles with American flags, pull up to the site from across the state! If they have a TV crew there, it might be the only camera, Kessel didn’t want to get in front of.

  27. NassauDem2.0 Says:

    Interesting that Richie alone among Nassau Dems wasn’t at Tom DiNapoli’s swearing in yesterday. Howard Weitzman, Kathleen Rice, Jon Kaiman and County legislators were there but no Kessel. This is something that ordinarily Richie wouldn’t miss.

  28. NassauDem Says:

    Has Richie been seen in public since the state if the state? maybe this is true.

  29. NYPAPoet Says:

    Kessel, a Haiku

    For Mario, he worked.
    All over State.

    For George, he swam to other shore.
    All over Island.

    Steamroller fired him.
    No reformer he.

    Blind man succumbed.
    Hired him.
    All over Upstate.

    Quickly, fired again.
    No reformer he.
    Self-promoting no more.

  30. pasnytech Says:

    This is great news! An auspicious start to the New Year.

    Here’s hoping that all the cronies will be swept out and we will be finally allowed to do our jobs again.

    Mr Marlin – please make sure that you follow up on the FOIL request.

  31. shaunmarie Says:

    [Ed note: name deleted] told me that Kessel met with the Governor on Wed and it didn’t go well.

  32. ResistanceIsFutile Says:

    What a happy new year if true!

    But lest we forget – the “patient” cannot be saved if all cancerous organs aren’t removed. Let’s hope Mr. Dyson doesn’t forget to extract Quinones and his minions too!

    End the current Suckcession Program! Bring back the once proud name of NYPA!

  33. PASNYInsider Says:

    One of the Long Island crew says that Kessel will serve till March or April and that when Dyson is confirmed and becomes Chair that Kessel will move on. He wont be gone a day too soon. Kessel screwed us out of our raises, lied to us and was a dam disaster.

  34. JoeyNYPA Says:

    If this is true, the losers are Kramer, Damato and the other lobbyists that tell Kessel what to do and feed off the carcass.

  35. pasnylifer2.0 Says:

    Thank God for this news

  36. Buddy414 Says:

    Kessel at NYPA

    Damage to upstate business: $500 million.
    Damage to employee morale: $100 million.
    Seeing Kessel leave: Priceless

  37. The buffoon has done much damage for morale & infrastructure in Power Supply. Hopefully the news of his departure is accurate. NYPA needs to have a CEO that let’s Welz & his managers prioritize the organizations real needs & then get out of the way so the repairs can be made to insure NYPA’s viability. The sooner the announcement of his & his buddies firing the better!

    • watchinNYPA Says:

      I would believe Welz and his managers will be gone also. Looks like we are going “old school” again.

    • ResistanceIsFutile Says:

      I agree with WatchinNYPA. Welz and his inept management need to go too. They haven’t managed anything except to let plants fall into disrepair and allow costs for refurbishing run overbudget and behind schedule. They couldn’t manage a fast food restaurant. They should just fess up to hiring consultants to do their work.

  38. Upstateguy Says:

    Let me get this straight–kessel is a big democrat but was fired by Spitzer in 2007 and cuomo now but was saved by Pataki in the 90s and Paterson in 2008. What kind of democrat gets fired by democrats but hired by republicans and paterson? A pretend democrat is the answer.

  39. Workingstiff Says:

    I know that Kessel went to Albany for the state of the state. Does anyone know whether he met with Cuomo?

  40. NYPAWorker Says:

    This is great news…please sweep Kessel and the rest of his cronies out of here ASAP.

    One rumor is that Foye might be Kessel’s replacement.

  41. PASNYOldtimer Says:

    I’ve been at PASNY over 34 years and Mr. Dyson would never work with Kessel. I bet that Mr. Dyson told Gov Cuomo that he would return to the PASNY board if Kessel were gone. For the first time in 3 years, I am hopeful that the greatness of PASNY will be restored.

  42. SadatNYPA Says:

    I hear that Kessel might have been kept by Cuomo but something happened before New Year’s Eve that sealed his fate at NYPA. Kessel often bragged in the WPO that he was close to the Cuomos and played basketball with them and had lots of deals for the new Governor to announce that meant they had to keep them. Well, if this is true, I guess not. And the poor fools that followed him from LI to WPO will soon be out on the street.

  43. NYPALifer Says:

    Kessel is a buffoon and did great damage to NYPA. Good riddance

  44. KeepHopeAlive Says:

    Mr Marlin–people of faith at NYPA this holiday season must rejoice if this great news is proven true. The Kessel reign of terror is near its end. While I dont wish Kessel ill, I detest him for what he has done to a great institution.I do hope that you follow him on your FOIL requests. Where’s there’s smoke there’s fire.

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