The Kessel NYPA Watch, November 8, 2009 – By George J. Marlin


Last Tuesday evening, Street Corner Conservative was watching the local election results with a group of friends and acquaintances when News 12, the local Long Island all news station, shifted to Nassau Democratic Headquarters with breaking news.  On the screen from Uniondale was Richie Kessel, identified on the screen as NYPA CEO, breathlessly delivering his views on what was a dismal night for local Democratic pols.  While the sight of Kessel, who is omnipresent on Long Island, was undoubtedly reassuring to veteran viewers who have twice seen Kessel himself deliver concession speeches, the serious observer might ask: why?  Why was Kessel at the election night party of a political party?  Why was he on screen?  Why identified as NYPA CEO?  Street Corner thought these big-shot State authority guys were supposed to be above politics.  Is it appropriate for NYPA’s CEO to be at an event like that?  Is it legal?  Does the State IG care about these things?

It has been reported to Street Corner that Kessel later that evening appeared at Nassau Republican Headquarters where County GOP Chairman, Joe Mondello, Richie’s good friend and best man, was announcing victory after victory and a dead heat in the County Executive race that brought to an end Tom Suozzi’s state-wide ambitions.  Suozzi, who now has another chapter to add to the book he has been writing about his life and times, is either a deposed County Executive with no discernible political future or a third-term County Executive, who barely eked out a victory over an underfunded but earnest County Legislator, Ed Mangano.

In the next installment of Kessel Sighting, Street Corner Conservative will report why Tuesday’s Nassau County election results close every door that Kessel dreamed of entering to become Suozzi’s successor.


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3 Comments on “The Kessel NYPA Watch, November 8, 2009 – By George J. Marlin”

  1. Trenchguy Says:

    No one is going to squak about the Richie and Gil jobs for friends program…at least not inside NYPA. Anyone who might have heard the message they sent when they threw the only internal watchdogs we had under the bus. After the way they treated the chief risk guy and what they did to him for standing up and then running the IG off no one is going to speak up. The only hope we have for getting rid of these 2 cancers is the AG or a new governor and the trustees are out to lunch too.

  2. PASNY Tech Says:

    When will someone at PASNY grow a set and do something about the “jobs for friends” office on the 16th floor at Corporate. It seems that the only hiring being done is by Richie. All jobs have to go through his office, all hirings and firings.

    The inmates truly are running the asylum now.

    How many days is it until he is fired????

  3. Colleague5.0 Says:

    I also saw our CEO on Channel 12 and wondered why is this guy wasting his time at Democratic HQ on election night and then remembered that he needs to have a gig lined up when Governor Cuomo kicks him to the curb just like Elliot Spitzer did in 2006. I cant wait for that day.

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